When it comes to engineered hardwood, there are many common misconceptions. People are either unaware of the benefits or simply hesitant to purchase engineered hardwood because of what they’ve heard, think by the name, or imagine because of the cost differences. They think that they’re buying a lesser quality hardwood, as if it were comparable to laminate flooring. Continue reading “What Is Wear Layer, and Why Is It Important for Engineered Hardwood?”

difference between PurezaWood and our competitorsWhen it comes to quality and overall durability of hardwood, PurezaWood is unmatched. Don’t just take our word for it. We can actually prove to you why we are far superior to the rest of the market. Once you see the difference between PurezaWood and our competitors, you’ll have a hard time choosing any other type of hardwood. Continue reading “The Difference Between PurezaWood and Our Competitors”

After you’ve purchased your hardwood floors from PurezaWood, you’ll need to keep those floors looking nice and new. We encourage our clients to take good care of their hardwood floors, otherwise they’ll see a deterioration faster than they would like. If you follow our tips for cleaning hardwood, there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about getting new floors for a very long time.  Continue reading “Helpful Hints: Tips For Cleaning Hardwood”

It’s a question we get from clients all the time: is engineered hardwood better than solid hardwood? Quite frankly, each have their own benefits and drawbacks. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong choice, but rather whether or not it’s the right or wrong fit for your home. As with hardwood, homes vary is size, shape, and color. Not to mention that each home or hardwood needs to fit each person’s wants and likes. Continue reading “Is Engineered Hardwood Better Than Solid Hardwood?”

Buying American Walnut hardwood floors is a decision we strongly encourage. At PurezaWood, we feel like our American Walnut is of such high quality and consistency that is hard to find anywhere else. However, rather than just say how good we think it is, we’re giving you a few reasons as well. We want our clients to make informed choices before diving right into a purchase. Continue reading “Why You Should Buy American Walnut Hardwood”

With so many styles of hardwood and so many different companies to choose from, buying hardwood floors can be overwhelming. At PurezaWood, we understand that a key component to any beautiful home is the floors you walk on. Without having a solid flooring foundation, you’re already starting at a disadvantage for home decor. Since we never want our clients to make informed purchases, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips when buying hardwood floors. Continue reading “Tips for Buying Hardwood Floors”

It may seem like a bold statement, but there are many reasons why hardwood flooring importers are leaving China and coming to PurezaWood. One main reason is that antidumping laws are causing companies that buy from China to get taxed anywhere from 30-70% when they try to import hardwood. As a result American companies are buying at a price that is far too high to justify the cost of the wood and their ability to sell the wood with a reasonable profit. Continue reading “Why Hardwood Flooring Importers are leaving China and Coming to PurezaWood”