Why Hardwood Flooring Importers are leaving China and Coming to PurezaWood

It may seem like a bold statement, but there are many reasons why hardwood flooring importers are leaving China and coming to PurezaWood. One main reason is that antidumping laws are causing companies that buy from China to get taxed anywhere from 30-70% when they try to import hardwood. As a result American companies are buying at a price that is far too high to justify the cost of the wood and their ability to sell the wood with a reasonable profit.

That is why here are PurezaWood, we offer companies an alternative to high taxes and low profit margins for hardwood flooring. Because our hardwood floors are imported from Vietnam, we have the ability to give you a fair price when you import hardwood flooring without the outrageous taxation. At the worst, buying from PurezaWood would cost you 3.2% in taxes.

Compare that to the very lowest taxation from China, which is about 30%, and you can see why it’s a fiscally responsible choice to buy your wood from us. Not to mention, some states like California, don’t even get taxed when importing hardwood floors from PurezaWood. That is an incredible offer for those seeking a better price point and while also receiving the premium quality wood that they deserve.

Unlike companies in China, who offer their hardwood with no guarantee of formaldehyde free wood, we guarantee that no harmful chemicals are used in the process of making our hardwood. Along with that, PurezaWood is JAS certified, ensuring that we manufacture the highest quality wood at an affordable price.

With a satellite office located in Chicago, we give clients a much easier communication process so that you never feel left in the dark about your purchases. We work with you every step of the way, because even though we have a product that is second to none, we want to make sure our customer service is just as top notch.

Since we are a family owned and operated business, we give clients more flexibility with price points and work with them more diligently than bigger companies who may not treat you with a personal touch. Unlike them, we always treat each client as if they are the only person we are working for. You should never feel like your business is unappreciated and we make sure of that.

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