european white oak wide plank oak flooring chicago purezawood

White oak — and specifically European White Oak — is a great choice for any home. Our engineered wide plank oak hardwood flooring is not only visually beautiful, but strong and durable. This matters when you have children or pets (or both!) at home. You don’t have to sacrifice quality floors because you think they’ll be ruined. Here’s how to choose the best type of hardwood flooring to fit your needs.

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american walnut species engineered hardwood flooring chicago

It can be difficult to decide on the right engineered hardwood floors for your residential or commercial space. We specialize in American Walnut species and French White Oak species because they’re beautiful, durable, and strong. Yet unless you’re working with an interior designer or a very particular client, you’ll consider many factors. What is the style of the rest of your space? What are your goals for the space? And finally but perhaps most importantly: what does your budget allow?  Continue reading “What You Need to Know About the American Walnut Species for Hardwood Floors”

refinishing engineered hardwood flooring color

We’ve discussed the risks of too much humidity for hardwood floors, but what about too much dryness? Dry winter weather and overly dry interiors can affect the foundations of our homes — and our health — in many ways. Now here’s how to keep it from damaging your flooring (without having to turn off the heat). Continue reading “How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Dry Winter Weather”

wide plank white oak flooring

This is exactly what we specialize in: engineered wide plank white oak flooring designed to suit you and your property. European White Oak — or, as some would say, French White Oak — is increasingly popular. Wide plank hardwood has become a favorite among Chicago IL interior designers and builders. You know you want engineered, and you know you want your space to feel unique.  Continue reading “Engineered Wide Plank White Oak Flooring in Every Custom Color, to Fit Your Style”

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When clients come to visit our private PurezaWood showroom, they often bring along samples from other luxury engineered hardwood brands. While we work with many contractors, builders, and designers, many buyers don’t yet know some specific details to look for. So we always appreciate the chance to share information about what makes a quality engineered hardwood product. Continue reading “PurezaWood vs. Other “Luxury” Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands”

custom color engineered hardwood floor grey

In 2017, we heard a staggering number of our clients requesting custom color finishes. It’s a big world of hardwood out there. You want your floors to stand out among them. Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming the industry standard, above the likes of solid and laminate (which, really, isn’t even hardwood). But a simple grey or rustic “unfinished” look can make a very bold statement indeed.

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