Chicago Humidity and Wood Floor Cupping

Weather in Chicago is erratic. Temperatures during the summer months constantly fluctuate, and humidity levels can rise and fall at a moment’s notice. So what does this mean for your Chicago hardwood flooring? Sure, many of us know that wood expands and relaxes in various climates, but how does this alter the condition and appearance of the floor? Continue reading “Chicago Humidity and Wood Floor Cupping”

Protecting Yourself From Carcinogens; Lumber Liquidators and Formaldehyde

Currently facing lawsuits from activist groups and criminal federal charges over illegally imported bamboo, Lumber Liquidators took another blow yesterday after the CEO Robert Lynch resigned, reportedly unexpectedly. Surrounded by plummeting stocks and terrified homeowners, Lumber Liquidators is now facing the repercussions of neglecting quality in favor of reduced pricing. Continue reading “Protecting Yourself From Carcinogens; Lumber Liquidators and Formaldehyde”