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Hinoki: Basically Life-Resistant

Soundproofing your floor can take much effort and many dollars out of your pocket. Why not rely on hinoki hardwood flooring from PurezaWood to take care of the process in one step? The soundproofing process usually involves three layers – a thick acoustic mat, acoustic underlaying, and carpet on top of that.

MAPLE Facts about Hard Maple

Hard maple is one of PurezaWood’s fastest-growing hardwood flooring solutions. Known for its versatility, hard maple is a deep golden-brown in color and measures a 950 on the Janka hardness scale. PurezaWood is happy to accommodate each customer’s unique lifestyle by offering hard maple in solid or engineered hardwood, uni or wide plank, and hand-scraped […]

10 Nutty Facts About American Walnut

One of PurezaWood’s most popular species, American Walnut hardwood flooring is known for naturally making any room warm and inviting. And, with a Janka hardness rating of 1010, walnut is one of the hardest wood flooring solutions, so it’s perfect for kitchens, hallways, and any other high-traffic spaces. Walnut has a fine, straight grain that […]

European White Oak: a Way of Life

Oak flooring is the most popular choice for hardwood floors among American homes. Customers select oak for its renowned strength, supreme durability, natural beauty, and resistance to damage. Oak flooring comes in red and white varieties, but we at PurezaWood have a few reasons for recommending European white oak over many other options.

A Brief American Hardwood Flooring History

Hardwood floors have been a staple in many homes since even before colonial America. When picturing the interior of historic residences, you likely envision rooms with shiny wooden floors (and maybe an oriental rug). In reality, hardwood floors had much humbler beginnings, and they weren’t even polished until nearly the twentieth century.

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Engineer?

Engineered hardwood flooring has all but replaced traditional solid hardwood in modern home construction and remodeling. It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable, so it’s unlikely that it will lose popularity anytime soon. In fact, I have engineered hardwood in my home, and here’s why: