Teak: the Gold Standard for Chicago Hardwood Flooring

A lot of qualities make teak one of PurezaWood’s finest Chicago hardwood flooring solutions. It’s hard to pick a single attribute to highlight, but if we had to, we’d say we love its bright gold color. Or maybe its unbeatable resistance to decay. Or maybe its exotic appeal. We could go on and on! Teak is seriously the whole package. Continue reading “Teak: the Gold Standard for Chicago Hardwood Flooring”

MAPLE Facts about Hard Maple

Hard maple is one of PurezaWood’s fastest-growing hardwood flooring solutions. Known for its versatility, hard maple is a deep golden-brown in color and measures a 950 on the Janka hardness scale. PurezaWood is happy to accommodate each customer’s unique lifestyle by offering hard maple in solid or engineered hardwood, uni or wide plank, and hand-scraped or parquet/block flooring. We’re pretty proud of the quality of hard maple wood flooring we offer, but we also know that there’s more to MAPLE than meets the eye: Continue reading “MAPLE Facts about Hard Maple”

10 Nutty Facts About American Walnut

One of PurezaWood’s most popular species, American Walnut hardwood flooring is known for naturally making any room warm and inviting. And, with a Janka hardness rating of 1010, walnut is one of the hardest wood flooring solutions, so it’s perfect for kitchens, hallways, and any other high-traffic spaces. Walnut has a fine, straight grain that is dark and rich with a medium to moderate natural luster, so it easily fits any décor and any lifestyle. Here are ten more facts about walnut you might find interesting. Continue reading “10 Nutty Facts About American Walnut”

A Brief American Hardwood Flooring History

Hardwood floors have been a staple in many homes since even before colonial America. When picturing the interior of historic residences, you likely envision rooms with shiny wooden floors (and maybe an oriental rug). In reality, hardwood floors had much humbler beginnings, and they weren’t even polished until nearly the twentieth century. Continue reading “A Brief American Hardwood Flooring History”