Chicago Hardwood Flooring, Meet American Black Cherry

PurezaWood Hardwood Flooring of Chicago, Illinois would like to announce the birth of its newest species, American Black Cherry.

Born in the forests of eastern North America, American black cherry has an average weight of 35 pounds per cubic foot and measures a 950 on the Janka hardness scale – a nice, healthy hardness in comparison to other hardwood flooring solutions.

Black cherry joins additional Chicago hardwood flooring species European white oak, American walnut, Acacia, hard maple, teak, hinoki, padouk, beech, and ash in the PurezaWood family.

Chicago hardwood flooring customers who have already met PurezaWood’s black cherry cannot stop gushing over the light pinkish-brown sapwood that darkens to a medium reddish-brown with age and sun exposure. Black cherry has a fine, even texture with a straight grain and moderate natural luster.

PurezaWood is eager to share black cherry in engineered or solid hardwood, wide plank or uni width, and hand-scraped or parquet flooring. The proud manufacturers boast that black cherry is one of the most workable hardwood flooring options as well as one of the most durable and resistant to decay.

Black cherry is expected to continue the PurezaWood traditions of eco-friendliness and affordability.  The species is not listed as endangered and has a low cost due to its domestic growth and production.

In addition to its use for premium Chicago hardwood flooring, consumers also value black cherry for manufacturing furniture, cabinetry, and small specialty wood items. It is a versatile wood that will fit any home beautifully.

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