Engineered European White Oak

Designed with purpose,
crafted for perfection

This is truly the answer for those who demand the best. Our engineered French White Oak is unparalleled in quality, strength, and beauty. The grain is flawless and hand-selected. Engineered with nine layers of resilient plywood, Russian Baltic Birch, our French White Oak provides a consistent and lasting foundation. This elegant hardwood will illuminate any space.

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Up to 6mm thickness
of the White Oak wear layer

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9 layers of Russian Baltic
Birch plywood

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Plywood & glue



⅝” thickness
3 mm White Oak top layer
Random or fixed length
Unfinished or prefinished



¾” thickness
4 mm / 6 mm White Oak top layer
Random or fixed length
Unfinished or prefinished



¾” thickness
5 mm White Oak top layer
Random or fixed length
Unfinished or prefinished

Unlimited, Custom Color

Set the Tone for Your Home

You have a vision in mind for your space. We want to deliver that. Whether it’s our rich caramel Provence, moonless night of a Black Noir, or any other custom color, our unique French White Oak has the naturally high tannins to let a subtle and sophisticated transformation.

Redefining Expectations

Refinish as often
as solid hardwood


Refinish Up to 6 Times


Refinish Up to 10 Times

Refinish Up to 12 Times

Flawless, Flowing Grain

Wood with brightness
and character

Our French White Oak is interesting and uncommon. Who would have thought that hardwood could be both cool and arresting? All at once, it’s smooth, flowing, and stunning.

Substantial Reduction in Expanding and Contracting

A design that defies
temperature and humidity

9 layers of plywood crisscrossing

9 layers of Russian Baltic Birch plywood intersecting

Our multi-layered engineered hardwood has been crafted to hold up against the most erratic weather. While other hardwoods expand and contract — degrading the integrity of the panels and the beauty of the whole interior design — ours resists. This marriage between French White Oak and such a secured base of nine layers of Russian Baltic Birch plywood is crucial and nearly impenetrable, so it can be installed anywhere in your home.

Void-free Core

Because you need consistency and longevity

Russian Baltic Birch plywood stacks the odds in your favor. Using only pure Russian Baltic Birch and no fillers, this hardwood has been specially engineered to prolong the life of your new hardwood flooring against warping. Cross-banded layers of 1.5-millimeter plywood here supply strength and stability. Nails hold with all of their threads. A void-free core means no gaps or holes, and it inoculates against glue starvation.