Engineered European White Oak
Designed with purpose, crafted for perfection

This is truly the answer for those who demand the best. Our engineered French White Oak is unparalleled in quality, strength, and beauty. The grain is flawless and hand-selected. Engineered with nine layers of resilient premium plywood, our French White Oak provides a consistent and lasting foundation. This elegant hardwood will illuminate any space.

Genuine European White Oak wear layer with up to 6mm thickness. Refinish as many times as solid hardwood flooring. 

Approved to be installed in high-rise condominiums. Good in basement, on concrete or radiant heat floor.

Custom flooring creates luxury for any home and lifestyle. Choose color, length, wear layer, and more. Begin designing your floors here.

CARB Phase II compliance means PurezaWood products do not release toxic levels of chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Create custom floors to fit your specific home and style. Choose the color, wear layer, width, character, and length to design your floors. Then we’ll custom make them to complete your home. It all starts with you!

Unlimited Custom Color

Set the Tone for Your Home

You have a vision in mind for your space. We want to deliver that. Whether it’s our rich caramel South Loop, the moonless night of Black Noir, or any other custom color, our unique French White Oak has the naturally high tannins to deliver a subtle and sophisticated transformation.

River North
Old Town
South Loop
South Loop
South Praire
Wicker Park
Highland Park
Cloud Gate
Ocean Breeze
Raw Wood

Unlimited, Custom Color

Set the Tone for Your Home

You have a vision in mind for your space. We want to deliver that. Whether it’s our rich caramel Provence, moonless night of a Black Noir, or any other custom color, our unique French White Oak has the naturally high tannins to let a subtle and sophisticated transformation.


Redefining Expectations

Refinish as often
as solid hardwood


Refinish up to 4 times


Refinish up to 6 times


Refinish up to 7 times

Redefining Expectations

Wood with brightness
and character

Our French White Oak is interesting and uncommon. Who would have thought that wide plank hardwood flooring could be both cool and show-stopping? All at once, it’s smooth, flowing, and stunning.





Substantial Reduction in Expanding and Contracting

A design that defies
temperature and humidity

Our multi-layered engineered wide plank hardwood flooring has been crafted to hold up against weather fluctuations. Other hardwood flooring expands and contracts as the weather and humidity change, which degrades the integrity of the panels and the beauty of the interior design. Our flooring resists fluctuations. By using nine layers of premium plywood to create a secured base for our French White Oak, we developed a flooring that is strong, durable, and nearly impenetrable, so it can be installed anywhere in your home

There are three factors that we ask for in our plywood to keep PurezaWood hardwood flooring strong and unyielding. 

Weather and boil proof glue (WBP) creates a strong, humidity resistant bond between plywood layers. In order for glue to be considered WBP, it has to go through rigorous testing. The plywood layers are submerged in boiling water for 24-72 hours to test the glue strength. If the plywood layers don’t delaminate (split apart) during that time, the glue is labeled WBP. When plywood layers use WBP glue as an adhesive, the layers will resist breaking apart due to humidity for a longer period of time (when compared to other glues). WBP is the most durable type of glue, which ultimately leads to more resilient flooring.

Our wide plank hardwood flooring has a superior bonding strength because of our WBP glue, premium plywood, and high-quality solid veneers with few defects. In order to achieve this superior bonding strength, our machinery will compress the plywood layers under intense force. This process ensures that the plywood and glue are bonded together as strongly as possible, removing any air pockets or bubbles from the glue and in between plywood layers. Thanks to this, the plywood adheres to the glue better, which creates a superior bonding strength for your floors.

The premium plywood we use is composed of solid veneers. These select solid veneers are strong, high quality, and have minimal defects to make the wood durable. Without using select solid veneers, you might end up with plywood that has holes or other defects. If there’s a hole in the plywood, it’s an opening for humidity or air, which could weaken the structure of the plywood layers. This is because the glue cannot completely adhere to plywood if there are holes or cracks in it. We use select solid veneers to prevent this and ensure a strong, airtight seal between plywood and glue.

Why should you trust us with your hardwood flooring project?

A Flex-Oriented Technology

Advanced and adaptable design
for any sub-floor.

walnut engineered

Unique to PurezaWood, every plank of our engineered wide plank hardwood flooring comes prepared to fit into its future home. We produce our products with an innovative horizontally grooved system to reduce any imperfections of unleveled concrete floor. Our hardwood flooring is specially designed to maximize flexibility and compatibility. All floors are not equal; we understand that you might be working with a less than perfect foundation. Our exclusive Flex-Oriented Technology will adapt to the shape of your floor and your space. This makes for a versatile floor with an easy installation.