Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring: It’s What We Do

At PurezaWood, we understand that part of luxury hardwood flooring is being able to enjoy it knowing that it was manufactured in an eco-friendly way. We can’t speak for every Chicago hardwood flooring manufacturer, but we just wouldn’t feel right selling you hardwood that took advantage of Earth’s precious resources. Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring: It’s What We Do”

What Is Luxury Hardwood Flooring?

We’ll admit it – “luxury” is somewhat of a subjective term. Luxury exists in the eye of the beholder. will tell you it’s “a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth” or even “something that is expensive and not necessary.” PurezaWood’s definition strays from the dictionary’s just a little bit… Here’s how we answer the question, “What is luxury hardwood flooring?” Continue reading “What Is Luxury Hardwood Flooring?”

Chieu Lieu Hardwood: Ahead of the Curve

Part of what makes PurezaWood unique is its commitment to innovation. We want to stay at the forefront of the hardwood flooring industry, and sometimes that means we have access to certain species of hardwood before anyone else. You’d be hard-pressed (or should we say hardwood-pressed?) to find chieu lieu hardwood flooring from any other Chicago hardwood supplier or manufacturer. Continue reading “Chieu Lieu Hardwood: Ahead of the Curve”