Chieu Lieu Hardwood: Ahead of the Curve

Part of what makes PurezaWood unique is its commitment to innovation. We want to stay at the forefront of the hardwood flooring industry, and sometimes that means we have access to certain species of hardwood before anyone else. You’d be hard-pressed (or should we say hardwood-pressed?) to find chieu lieu hardwood flooring from any other Chicago hardwood supplier or manufacturer.

This specialty hardwood is extremely dense and measures a moderate 800 on the Janka hardness scale. As far as appearances go, chieu lieu hardwood flooring is a creamy yellow that deepens and darkens with the passage of time. The grain of chieu lieu is often rather straight, and the texture coarse and uneven. No matter where or when you decide to install chieu lieu hardwood flooring, it’ll add character to your space as a unique work of art.

You can also add to the character of your Chicago hardwood flooring by custom-ordering your hardwood in solid wood, engineered hardwood flooring, block wood, hand-scraped, wide plank, and uni hardwood flooring.

Chieu lieu hardwood is a more exotic option for your hardwood flooring needs than are many of PurezaWood’s other species. The timber comes from the jungles of southeast Asia and Oceania, and is currently extremely popular in Japan and Vietnam. PurezaWood anticipates that chieu lieu will become a hardwood flooring trend in the United States within the next few years, and we aim to stay ahead of the curve by supplying you with chieu lieu hardwood flooring right now.

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