Sun Exposure: Causes and Prevention

As many homeowners know, direct sunlight can take its toll on hardwood flooring. The wood can either darken or lighten, depending on the type, and can display patterns on the flooring where objects and rugs have been placed. Unfortunately, there is no way to altogether prevent sun discoloration on hardwood floors. There are, however, a variety of ways that homeowners can combat sun exposure and flooring damage. Continue reading “Sun Exposure: Causes and Prevention”

Protecting Your Hardwood Flooring from Pets

Owning pets and having hardwood floors can be difficult. Claws can send deep gouges into the wood, urine can cause irreparable damage, and hair is, well…everywhere. So how do you keep your hardwood floors safe? PurezaWood talked to 3 pet loving, hardwood floor owning homeowners (V, C, and J) in order to find out how they successfully maintain the quality of their hardwood floors. Continue reading “Protecting Your Hardwood Flooring from Pets”

The Push for Clean Consumption

With new information about the food processing and agricultural industries constantly being unveiled, Americans are turning to organic products and whole foods in order to prevent the unintentional consumption of pesticides and other harmful products. Growth hormones in milk, bleach in poultry and a multitude of other disturbingly commonplace food production procedures have caused consumers to rethink their dietary choices and nutritional decisions. Continue reading “The Push for Clean Consumption”