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PurezaWood vs. Other “Luxury” Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands

When clients come to visit our private PurezaWood showroom, they often bring along samples from other luxury engineered hardwood brands. While we work with many contractors, builders, and designers, many buyers don’t yet know some specific details to look for. So we always appreciate the chance to share information about what makes a quality engineered hardwood product. Continue reading “PurezaWood vs. Other “Luxury” Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands”

custom color engineered hardwood floor grey

Our Best Custom Color Engineered Hardwood Flooring in 2017

In 2017, we heard a staggering number of our clients requesting custom color finishes. It’s a big world of hardwood out there. You want your floors to stand out among them. Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming the industry standard, above the likes of solid and laminate (which, really, isn’t even hardwood). But a simple grey or rustic “unfinished” look can make a very bold statement indeed.

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Why Our Japanese Agricultural Standard Certification Matters

The Japanese government gives official JAS certification to foods and manufactured products that meet their high standards. PurezaWood engineered hardwood flooring holds this certification. Here we’ll explain what that means, how our competitors compare, and why it should be a factor in your hardwood decision.

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5 of Our Favorite Chicago Interior Designers

DIY-savvy clients aren’t the only ones bringing us exciting new hardwood projects. We love working with Chicago interior designers as well as contractors, builders, and other local manufacturers, in order to bring our shared clients’ dreams to life. Here are just a few of our favorite Chicago designers and design firms whose work tends to feature beautiful hardwood.
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Wide Plank Hardwood Floors Inspiration

Your hardwood flooring can make a big statement. While you’re choosing engineered hardwood for its quality and longevity, everything else is a matter of style. Designing your home is supposed to be fun. It reflects you, your family, or your business! Here are some wide plank hardwood floors — in walnut and European white oak — that might inspire you. You’re building character. Continue reading “Wide Plank Hardwood Floors Inspiration”