Choosing the Best Hardwood Floor Color

Once you’ve chosen to use hardwood floor, you have to decide what finish you’d like. And this is a crucial decision, since the color you choose will become an essential part of your home. But don’t worry! We have a few tips for how you can choose the best hardwood floor color.

The rules of dark wood

Dark wood has become a trend in recent years, with dark grays and deep browns taking over the design industry. But, when working with dark colors, remember that they can often make rooms look smaller. So, if you’re flooring a smaller room or one with less natural light, choosing a lighter color instead can make it look brighter and larger.

Go with your style

Plenty of trends fade in and out of style. From dark wood to light grays, the hardwood flooring industry has seen many trends over the last 7 years. But one of the things we always recommend in order to choose the best hardwood floor color is to follow your own style before you look to the trends. If you prefer classic decor style, don’t go with the ultra-modern flooring color, and vice versa.

Remember, although hardwood flooring adds plenty of resale value to your home, you’re the one who has to live in it! Choose a color that will work with the rest of your style plans, not against them.

Long-term vs short-term

Similarly, it’s important to consider how you’re planning to live in your home. Using flooring that’s more trendy will help your home sell better in the short-term. But using flooring that adheres to a more traditional finish style will help your home sell better in the future. The timeless look is timeless for a reason! And, you don’t have to choose just between modern or classic. There are plenty of color options in the middle of the spectrum that will strike a happy medium.

Think about the sun

No one wants to think about their brand new, beautiful hardwood flooring fading over time, but it can. That’s just a natural part of hardwood floors, and when you choose the right color it’s not a worry. If you have rooms with lots of sunlight, it’s best to choose hardwood flooring with more natural wood tones. These finishes will fade more evenly over time without losing their beauty.

Consider how you live

There are benefits and drawbacks to both light and dark colored hardwood flooring. While dark hardwood tends to show more scratches, light hardwood shows dirt more easily. If you have dogs or young children who might accidentally scratch the floor, choosing a light hardwood might be a better option. However, many flooring companies offer scratch-resistant finishes, which will give you more protection and can make your dark hardwood dreams a reality.

Always get samples

When you’re looking at a few different colors, the way to choose the best hardwood floor color for your home is by bringing samples in. Get samples of a few of your favorites and lay them throughout your home. See how they look in the sunlight, how they look with your paint colors, and how they look in different rooms. This will give you the best feel of if a color is right for your home or not.

Choosing the best hardwood floor color

And don’t forget, when you purchase your flooring from PurezaWood, our team will be available to assist you every step of the way. We’ll happily give feedback and ideas for your hardwood flooring finish to make sure you get the perfect color for your home. And because we make our flooring custom for each client, we can create a new custom color just for you! If you bring us your ideas, we can make you a hardwood flooring color unique to your home. Learn more about the benefits to our flooring here.

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