Why we Manufacture Hardwood Flooring

Many hardwood flooring companies don’t manufacture their own hardwood flooring. But we do! Why is this such an important part of our business process? Being able to manufacture hardwood flooring that goes into our customers’ homes is an integral part of our business model. It means we’re able to guarantee you receive the best engineered flooring at the best price.

No markups

Because we own our own factory to manufacture hardwood flooring, we can guarantee that you’ll get the best price possible for your engineered hardwood flooring. We don’t have any markups for brokers or storefronts–instead, our flooring goes directly from the factory to you!

Always custom

Manufacturing our own flooring means we’re able to provide custom flooring for every single customer. With PurezaWood, you can choose your own width, thickness, character grading, and finish. And, because we’re custom, if you’d like a finish color we don’t offer, we can make one especially for you. You can learn more about our custom options here.

Quality control

Another important aspect of manufacturing our own flooring is being able to control the quality from start to finish. We use only genuine French Oak from sustainable French forests, so we can ensure you get durable, reliable wood without harming the environment. Instead of weak sawdust, we use veneers of premium plywood to reinforce strength through our flooring’s core. And we hold these plywood layers together with Weather and Boil Proof glue, which resists humidity and helps keep your floorboards in place as temperatures fluctuate. We impose quality checks at every step of our manufacturing process to guarantee each plank that leaves our factory meets our high standards.

There’s a lot that goes into making our flooring as high-quality as it is, and we know our customers appreciate the PurezaWood difference. You can learn more about what makes our flooring the best here.

Why do we manufacture hardwood flooring our way?

Simply put, we work so hard to manufacture our flooring for perfection. Every single plank is transformed into the planks you put into your home, and we oversee the process all the way through. When you buy flooring from PurezaWood, you’re buying flooring that will be long-lasting and beautiful.

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