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1. Species

  • French White Oak
  • American Walnut

2. Thickness

We offer two different types of thickness:

  • 5/8
  • 3/4

3. Wear layer

When choosing engineered hardwood floor, you also have to choose a wear layer. This is the layer of solid wood above the engineered plywood base; it’s the wood you’ll actually walk on. The thickness of the wear layer will determine how many times you can refinish it.

We offer four different wear layer options:

  • 3 mm (refinish up to 4 times)
  • 4 mm (refinish up to 5 times)
  • 5 mm (refinish up to 6 times)
  • 6 mm (refinish up to 7 times)

4. Width

We have several options for the width of our wide plank flooring. Choose from: 5” / 6” / 7.5” / 8” / 9.5” / 10.5” / 12

5. Length

You can choose to do fixed length or random flooring. Fixed length means all of your wood planks will be the same length. Random means there will be variation in the lengths of your wood planks. 

Our standard for random length is: 2′ – 8′ 

Fixed length is 8′

We can do shorter and longer lengths of your wood planks up to 12‘. This is yet another positive to our custom flooring. If you have a preferred length or length variation, we can make it for you. 

6. Type of cut

We offer two different types of cuts for your wood flooring. 

  • Plain sawn: This is the most popular cut. It shows off the beautiful natural “mountain grains” of the wood’s rings.
  • Rift and quartered sawn:  This is the most versatile cut. It shows the beautiful straight grain of the wood and works well in any width, length, and color.

7. Finish

When it comes to finishes, your choices are limitless. You can choose one of our finishes or create your own. If there is a color you love that we don’t currently offer, just bring us a sample and we can match it. And if you want to create your own completely unique finish, we can custom make one just for you. Any color you can imagine, we can create. 

We offer UV oil or UV lacquer for our finishes.

8. Texture

The texture of your engineered hardwood flooring is an important choice. You’ll want to make sure you choose a texture you’ll be happy walking on every day. We offer:

  • Smooth
  • Light brushed
  • Heavy brushed
  • Handscraped

Choose the one that works best for you. And if you want to test out this texture in person, you can visit our showroom or contact us about getting a sample. 

9. Sheen

We offer three different sheen options for your floors: 

  • Extreme Matte
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Glossy

10. Grading

The grading of your engineered hardwood floors refers to how many knots are in the planks. We have three options to fit every lifestyle: 

  • Character grading means your flooring will have
    • 15% planks with small to no knots
    • 85% planks with knots and other natural characteristics of the wood
  • Natural grading is the middle option and will have
    • 50% planks with small to no knots
    • 50% planks with knots and other natural characteristics of the wood
  • Select grading means your wide plank flooring will have 
    • 85% planks with small to no knots
    • 15% planks with knots and other natural characteristics of the wood
  • Premium Select grading has 100% planks without knots and other characteristics

11. Edge style

There are two options for edge styles: 

  • Square edge
  • Beveled edge (available from 0.25 mm – 5 mm)