Direct pricing

Since PurezaWood owns our own factory and we manufacture the wood ourselves, you don’t have to deal with price increases from retailers. Instead of purchasing from another company where there’s price increases every time the wood changes hands (from the manufacturer to the brand, from the brand to the distributor, and from the distributor to you), you’ll be buying the wood directly from the manufacturer. You’ll be getting the best possible price for a high quality product.


We own our factory

We own our own factory in Vietnam, where all of our flooring is made. Owning our factory means we can be hands-on with our product. We can choose which raw materials to buy and use. This way, we can choose only the most high-quality materials. We can also choose how to process our wood and how the flooring gets made. By being hands-on every step of the way, we can assure you that we have premium engineered hardwood flooring of unparalleled quality at our price point.

Quality control

Because we own our factory, we can ensure the quality of our lumber and guarantee you’ll get your desired requirements. We check each order to make sure you’re getting exactly what you asked for. 

European French White Oak

Discover the elegance of our European French White Oak floors – superior quality, strength, and beauty. With our engineered option, enjoy the benefits of a solid wear layer for future refinishing.Transform your space and make your house a home with this elegant hardwood sourced directly from French forests. Its high tannin levels offer richer colors than Oak from other regions. Beware of imitations from companies with no control over their factories. Choose true authenticity for your floors.

White Oak from a French forest
White Oak from a French forest
Custom Durable Scratch-Resistant finishes
Discover Your Flooring Perfection!

Up to 8 layers of German or Belgian finishes

Since we own our own factory, we can guarantee the quality of the finishes we use. We only use finishes that aren’t harmful to the environment or your health, which is why all of our finishes are VOC 2010 compliant. Think about it: you’ll be around these floors every day. Why would you want something in your home that could have negative effects on your health? 

At PurezaWood, we use up to 8 layers of finish on our flooring. This creates a durable, long-lasting finish inseparable from the wood. And because your flooring is finished up to eight times to make it look perfect, it will also be more resistant to daily wear and tear.

Don’t compromise on perfection for your new flooring investment. At PurezaWood, we take pride in hand-selecting each piece to guarantee the highest quality at our direct price point. Your home deserves nothing less than excellence. Submit an inquiry today and let us create the perfect flooring that suits your vision and style. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Japanese Glue

We use Japanese glue for its strength and CARB II certification. It undergoes rigorous testing, being submerged in boiling water for 24-72 hours, ensuring a water-resistant bond with the plywood layers. This results in stronger and more resilient flooring against humidity.

Homag machinery from Germany

Our German-made machinery is as precise as it gets, and we use it to cut the tongue and groove into the wood planks. Precision is key for this, since you want a tight fit between planks. Without this tight fit, your flooring could have problems, such as gaps in between planks, which wouldn’t look good. Or it could be uneven, which is a much more serious problem. Our precision machinery prevents these issues.

100% Premium plywood

Our wood quality goes beyond the wear layer. We source premium plywood from accredited factories, ensuring strength and durability for our engineered hardwood flooring.

As a result, your floor becomes highly resistant to humidity and weather changes. The multiple plywood layers stabilize the flooring, preventing excessive expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations.

Specially Engineered for greater stability
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Always custom made

Customize your flooring with PurezaWood premium engineered hardwood. You’re in control – choose the specifications, wear layer, color, width, length, and more to match your vision perfectly. We offer color matching, so if you have a specific shade in mind, bring us a sample, and we’ll create it for you. Express yourself with custom designs that reflect your unique style. No order is too big or too small, as we can create flooring in any quantity you need.