CARB Phase 2 Compliant

PurezaWood is proudly CARB 2 certified. 

When you purchase wood products, there are many aspects to consider. When you purchase engineered hardwood flooring, you have to consider color, length, wear layer, and more! But have you considered the levels of formaldehyde your floors emit? 

Yes, formaldehyde–the common embalming fluid–is used in wood products. 

Formaldehyde and wood products

Formaldehyde plays a pretty large part in the woodworking process. This compound is used in all wood products in some quantity. 

The good news is that formaldehyde isn’t toxic in small amounts; even the human body has some natural formaldehyde in it! 

But when used in large amounts, the formaldehyde can become toxic. If your wood products are emitting large amounts of formaldehyde into your home, it will saturate the air you breathe as well as harm the environment. Consistent exposure to high amounts of formaldehyde can lead to leukemia as well as cancers of the nose, throat, and sinuses. 

What is the California Air Resources Board?

The California Air Resources Board measures and restricts the amount of toxins released into the air. Formaldehyde is one of the many toxins covered by this board. The board was first formed in 1967 as a way to reduce formaldehyde emissions and keep airborne toxins from saturating the air. It is commonly known as the “clean air board.”

What does CARB Phase 2 mean?

CARB 2 is a regulation created by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The board created this as a way to prevent formaldehyde from being released into the air and reducing the air quality. 

If your product has a CARB Phase 2 compliant seal, you know it adheres to the standards of this regulation process. The CARB phase 2 certification signifies that the product releases a low enough amount of formaldehyde to be considered safe.

Any formaldehyde released by products with a CARB phase 2 compliant seal is a small enough amount that it has absolutely no risk to your health. 

Certification process

There is a very strict process for becoming CARB phase 2 certified. In order to become certified for this, companies need to prove their compliance with the CARB 2 regulations. If a company wants their product to become CARB phase 2 certified, they have to go through third-party lab tests. This makes sure that the companies can’t falsify any results and are only certified when they genuinely meet the board standards. 

PurezaWood and CARB 2

PurezaWood is proudly CARB 2 certified. The wood glue we use contains extremely low amounts of formaldehyde and has passed every test to become CARB phase 2 certified. Our engineered hardwood floor is high in quality and low in formaldehyde emissions. We care about your health and the environment, and we work hard to make sure that all of our products are CARB phase 2 certified.