The Purpose of Plywood in Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Not all engineered flooring companies use plywood, so it begs the question: what is the purpose of plywood in engineered hardwood flooring? If not every company uses it, is it really essential? The short answer is yes. But we’ll break down exactly why it’s so important to not only use plywood, but high-quality plywood in engineered hardwood floors.

Plywood is stronger than sawdust

When companies don’t use plywood in their engineered hardwood flooring core, they tend to use sawdust. Plywood is a much stronger option and will result in a better-engineered floor from the start. So when you are looking for engineered hardwood flooring, one of the first questions you need to ask is what the company uses for their core. If they are using sawdust instead of plywood, the quality will be subpar.

Quality wood creates a stronger core 

If you’re spending the money for engineered flooring, why would you want something that isn’t engineered to be strong? Not all plywood is created equally, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting high-quality plywood in your flooring. PurezaWood uses premium plywood in all our flooring, which helps create a stronger core and more durable flooring overall.

Multiple layers provide stability

And it’s impossible to talk about more durable flooring without discussing stability. We use multiple layers of premium plywood layered in different directions. Why? Because this way, when the flooring planks attempt to expand and contract, the stress is applied equally on these layers and cancels out. This helps keep your floors in place and prevents damage due to shifting or temperature and humidity changes. You can learn more about this here.

Veneers without imperfections provide a strong adhesive surface

Another important aspect we take into consideration when using plywood in engineered hardwood flooring is using only veneers without imperfections. This is because we want our plywood to adhere perfectly to other pieces of plywood. We use only WBF glue to hold it all together, which means that our plywood core is more resistant to temperature and humidity changes as well.

Always use quality plywood in engineered hardwood flooring if you want high quality floors

PurezaWood only uses the highest quality premium plywood in engineered hardwood flooring. And on top of that, we only use the best pieces of that plywood, layering it to ensure your flooring’s core is as strong as it can possibly be. When we say our flooring is engineered for perfection, this is what we mean. You can learn more about what makes our flooring the best here. And contact us here. 

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