What is Water Boil Proof Glue?

Water boil proof (WBP) glue is a crucial element of our premium engineered hardwood flooring. But what is it? And why do we believe it’s so important to use in our flooring?

What is water boil proof glue?

WBP glue is a Japanese glue specifically designed to create a strong bond between plywood layers. The importance of using this glue is to create a humidity resistant bond. This way, when the flooring encounters humidity, it will remain strong. It is the most durable type of glue, which ultimately leads to more resilient flooring.

How is it tested?

This glue goes through an extremely strict testing process. In order for water boil proof glue to be labeled WBP, it has to pass the tests first. It is used to bond plywood layers, and then that plywood is submerged in boiling water for 24-72 hours. If it can pass this test without splitting apart, then it is considered water boil proof glue and is humidity resistant.

Why is it important to use WBP?

Humidity fluctuations can cause plywood to delaminate, which means to split apart. When plywood delaminates, it affects the integrity of the floors as a whole. This delamination can cause the flooring to move, leading to buckling, cupping, or cracking. By using WPB glue, we can actually make sure our floors are stronger in the face of humidity changes.

You want your hardwood flooring to be durable and humidity resistant. We want your hardwood flooring to be durable and humidity resistant. WBP glue is the way to ensure your flooring achieves this.

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