European Oak and French Oak: Differences & Similarities

European Oak and French Oak are two of the most popular wood options for hardwood flooring. And while they seem very similar, they do have differences. Read on to find out what the differences are between European Oak and French Oak, and which type you should use for your home.

What are the differences between European Oak and French Oak?

When people talk about European Oak and French Oak, they often use the two terms interchangeably. And while the two wood types are similar, they are not the same. Think of it as an umbrella. European Oak is the umbrella canopy, and French Oak is one of the metal ribs that extends from it. French Oak is European Oak, but it is a more specific type.

European Oak

European Oak is a blanket term for wood from Europe. When you get European Oak, your wood could be coming from France, Germany, England, or other European countries. While it is still possible to retain the high quality for which French Oak is known, it is more difficult since there are so many sources your wood could be coming from. If you’re using European Oak, you’ll want to check with the flooring company to see from where they source their wood.

French Oak

French Oak is specifically sourced from French forests. What makes French Oak stand out from other Oak varieties is its tannin levels. French Oak has high tannins, which means it will absorb color the best. This results in a more natural stain–for any color you choose–and a better quality overall. Wood with lower tannin levels might not absorb the color as evenly, leading to patchiness, or as completely, leading to it fade quickly in a short amount of time. French Oak prevents this.

So which one should I buy?

At the end of the day, both European Oak and French Oak are good quality–as long as you know where the European Oak is coming from. PurezaWood uses only the highest quality lumber for our hardwood flooring, so whether you decide to use European or French logs for your flooring, you’re guaranteed excellent quality for your floors. And because we own our own factory, we are in charge of the production at every step: from acquiring the lumber to delivering your floors. We are able to say with confidence that our quality is unmatched at our price point.

Interested in buying floors?

You can fully customize your floors through PurezaWood! From the type of wood you use, to the wear layer thickness, to the color, and so much more, you are in control. Begin customizing your floors here.

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