Discover Durable Hardwood Flooring to Last Forever

You’ve just built or purchased your forever home. Why would you settle for temporary floors? Our wide plank engineered hardwood flooring will be your forever home’s forever floors. Don’t waste your time (or money!) with flooring you’ll have to replace in only a few years. Start with the best, most durable hardwood flooring engineered to last you forever.

Durable hardwood flooring engineered for perfection

We believe everyone should be proud of their floors. Like finding that perfect piece of art to complete a room or the perfect countertops for your kitchen, finding the right hardwood flooring is crucial. And since we manufacture our own engineered hardwood flooring, we have a unique opportunity to make sure you get the best quality from every single aspect of your floors. Our goal is to create floors that bring you joy every time you step into your home.

The right materials

The right wide plank engineered hardwood flooring starts with the materials. We only use French Oak because it absorbs and shows color better than any other type of wood. This leads to a stunning true-color finish you can’t get with any other lumber.

And we don’t stop there! We use the highest grade premium plywood as the base for our flooring, which helps your hardwood floor maintain stability. To hold it all together, we use Water and Boil Proof glue for maximum adhesion and superior bonding strength.

Our wear layers are thick enough that you can refinish your engineered hardwood floors as many times as traditional hardwood flooring. Our floors are built like solid hardwood, but engineered for greater stability. So not only do we manufacture the most durable hardwood flooring, but also the most versatile.

Custom made for your home

At the end of the day, your floors are an important part of your home’s interior design. They need to be crafted for functionality and beauty. This is why we give you the option to customize your engineered hardwood flooring from beginning to end. Choose wide plank flooring in any color, length, thickness, or grading you want and we’ll make it happen!

Of course, we wouldn’t be truly custom if our engineered floors couldn’t be installed in a variety of places. Our wide plank flooring is adaptable to all seasons and can be installed in any climate. You can install PurezaWood’s engineered hardwood flooring on top of concrete, below grade, and more.

Choose forever floors for your forever home

Don’t cut corners on your flooring. You’ll use this every single day you live in your house, as your pets scamper across the floors or your kids learn to walk. Choose flooring that will grow with you as a centerpiece of the wonderful memories you’ll make in your home. By choosing PurezaWood’s durable hardwood flooring, you’re choosing engineered hardwood floors that will last you for many years to come.

You can see our flooring options and schedule an appointment to visit our showroom here or call 888-839-3444 to order samples.