Engineered Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring: Built Like Solid Hardwood but Engineered for Stability

Solid wide plank hardwood flooring has been the king of floors for many years. It’s been praised for its durability, versatility, and beauty. But lately, that’s begun to change. Engineered hardwood flooring is taking over, and rightfully so. Wide plank engineered floors–when done right–are even more durable, versatile, and beautiful than solid hardwood flooring. On top of that, they’ve been engineered for stability, so you’ll have fewer problems with your floors shifting over time. But since engineered hardwood flooring can vary greatly in quality, you have to make sure you’re getting the best. We’re here to introduce you to the highest quality wide plank engineered flooring on the market and explain why it’s far superior to its competition.

Genuine European French oak, sourced sustainably

European French oak logs stacked in our factory. These will soon become engineered wide plank flooring
French Oak logs that will soon become wide plank flooring

At PurezaWood, our commitment to quality starts with the wood. We use genuine European French Oak for our engineered wood floors because it’s the best wood available. We’re committed to conservation efforts, so our wood is always sourced sustainably from French forests. Over the years, we’ve learned that European French Oak retains color better than any other wood, which means whichever color you choose for your wide plank floors will stain evenly and beautifully!

A thick wear layer

Picture shows the differences between PurezaWood wide plank hardwood flooring and other "luxury" kinds
PurezaWood engineered hardwood flooring often has a thicker wear layer than solid hardwood flooring

The wear layer is the piece of wood above the floorboard’s tongue and groove, the part that can be sanded and refinished. Solid hardwood flooring typically has a wear layer around 4-6mm thick. Most engineered flooring has a 2-3mm wear layer, which means it can’t be refinished as many times as the solid option. But we changed that! We offer wear layers up to 6mm thick, so your floors can be refinished as many times as (or even more than!) solid hardwood flooring. Thanks to our thick European French oak wear layers, you can refinish your floors several times to fit the style of your home without needing to replace it.

Engineered for stability

Where solid hardwood floors really fall short is stability. Especially with wide plank flooring, solid hardwood boards shift frequently which can lead to damaged floors. We saw this problem with solid hardwood and set out to fix it–and we did! PurezaWood floors have been engineered for stability. We use 11 layers of premium plywood to maximize stability, while most engineered floors only have 8. Each layer points a different direction, which evenly distributes the stress of the floors trying to shift and essentially locks your engineered hardwood floors in place. The plywood we use is top of the line and we only select the best veneers from it so you’re truly getting the best of the best. 

Multiple layers of Russian Baltic Birch plywood keep your engineered hardwood wide plank flooring stable
Multiple layers of premium plywood keep your engineered hardwood wide plank flooring stable

With wide plank flooring, stability is extremely important. The wider your floorboards get, the more likely they are to shift and move. If you have wide plank solid hardwood floors, you can almost guarantee you’ll see cracking or cupping. But with multiple layers of plywood absorbing the stress, your engineered hardwood flooring will experience less movement and therefore have less risk of damage. It’s because we engineer our flooring for stability that we can offer wide plank floors up to 12’ wide and still guarantee high quality.

Consistent quality checks

Large open room with a couch, fireplace, floor to ceiling windows, long dining table, and wide plank hardwood engineered flooring. Quality checks ensure your wide plank flooring looks this good.
Quality checks ensure your wide plank flooring looks this good. Picture of one of our projects.

Since we own our own engineered hardwood flooring factory, we can perform quality checks at each step of the engineering process. From cutting the boards to packaging, our inspections guarantee your wide plank flooring is high-quality and free from defects.

Looking to add engineered hardwood flooring to your home?

It’s more popular than solid hardwood flooring for good reason! And our European French Oak wide plank flooring is engineered specifically to outperform solid and other engineered hardwood flooring options. With greater stability, quality, and durability, you can’t go wrong with PurezaWood. Make an appointment to visit our showroom or call us with any questions you might have. We’re looking forward to helping you create your dream floors!

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