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10 Nutty Facts About American Walnut

One of PurezaWood’s most popular species, American Walnut hardwood flooring is known for naturally making any room warm and inviting. And, with a Janka hardness rating of 1010, walnut is one of the hardest wood flooring solutions, so it’s perfect for kitchens, hallways, and any other high-traffic spaces. Walnut has a fine, straight grain that […]

A Brief American Hardwood Flooring History

Hardwood floors have been a staple in many homes since even before colonial America. When picturing the interior of historic residences, you likely envision rooms with shiny wooden floors (and maybe an oriental rug). In reality, hardwood floors had much humbler beginnings, and they weren’t even polished until nearly the twentieth century.

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Engineer?

Engineered hardwood flooring has all but replaced traditional solid hardwood in modern home construction and remodeling. It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable, so it’s unlikely that it will lose popularity anytime soon. In fact, I have engineered hardwood in my home, and here’s why:

Four Tricks to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Slick

At PurezaWood, we pride ourselves on offering Chicago hardwood flooring of incomparable durability and appearance. We present it to you that way, and barring any natural or human disaster, it’ll stay that way for a long time – but not forever. Once you have the hardwood floor of your dreams, you’re going to want to […]

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Many Chicago homeowners are turning to hardwood flooring to furnish their homes, leaving some people wondering, “What’s the big deal?” Hardwood flooring is known for exuding luxury and providing homeowners with a long-lasting and timeless look, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Here at PurezaWood we’re clearly a little biased, but […]

The Push for Clean Consumption

With new information about the food processing and agricultural industries constantly being unveiled, Americans are turning to organic products and whole foods in order to prevent the unintentional consumption of pesticides and other harmful products. Growth hormones in milk, bleach in poultry and a multitude of other disturbingly commonplace food production procedures have caused consumers […]