2015 Chicago Summer Hardwood Trends

Each year, a new species of hardwood flooring becomes our favorite Chicago summer hardwood trend. Last year, Hinoki flew off of the shelves, settling in Lake Michigan homes across the state as the preferential seasonal choice. This year, however, there seems to be a split decision in the Chicago hardwood flooring arena. As the rustic, seasoned look becomes more popular in homes and offices, we’ve found that two types of hardwood have grown to be the frontrunners in this year’s pick for 2015’s most popular Chicago summer hardwood flooring.

European White Oak

This luxuriously silky hardwood ranges in color from beige to tan, reminding us that lighter colored wood is still a favorite for warmer weather. If you’re looking for something extremely durable with dramatic grain features, European White Oak is perfect for adding a little Zen to that highly trafficked area. Pets? Kids? They’re no match for White Oak. Depending on where you purchase your hardwood from (ahem…PurezaWood), your provider should be able to cater to whatever flooring type you desire. Parquet Flooring, for example, can act as a well-placed accent in any room, and looks phenomenal when highlighting European White Oak as a primary feature.


American Walnut

Looking for something smooth and lustrous? Look no further. This rich American Walnut will automatically add warmth to an otherwise dull room. The craze for American Walnut started a few years back, but the depth of this chocolate brown graining is really getting some recognition this summer. Like European White Oak, American Walnut is perfect for any heavily traveled room, and stands up well against the test of time. We’ve been seeing a drastic increase in hand-scraped American Walnut, and it’s probably because this technique gives any flooring an effortless level of personalization. This style in combination with the already drastic American Walnut isn’t easily forgettable.

Sample #2

We can’t tell you which type of flooring to choose, because honestly, we can’t decide either. Throngs of Chicagoans are pressing us for both American Walnut and European White Oak, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear frontrunner emerging anytime soon. We can safely say, however, that Wide Plank flooring (7” and up) has clearly come forward as the cut of choice for the upcoming summer months in Chicago. Combining both of these woods with the robust and commanding look of a wider flooring style ensures that whatever choice you make will undoubtedly be memorable.


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