Four Tricks to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Slick

At PurezaWood, we pride ourselves on offering Chicago hardwood flooring of incomparable durability and appearance. We present it to you that way, and barring any natural or human disaster, it’ll stay that way for a long time – but not forever. Once you have the hardwood floor of your dreams, you’re going to want to make an effort to keep it as pristine as possible. Fortunately, PurezaWood’s experts are willing to share their tips and tricks for keeping your Chicago premium hardwood floor looking like new:

Trick one: place a welcome mat or rug at the entrance to your home. This will keep you and your guests from tracking much dirt, debris or moisture onto your hardwood floor. For the same reason, it’s also wise to remove your shoes when you know you’ll be treading on Chicago’s premium hardwood flooring. Minor scratches can be an easy fix with some varnish, but you won’t be able to get your hardwood floor back to its original glory once it’s been damaged.

Trick two: Make sure you put furniture pads on the bottom of every furniture item – couches, chairs, tables, shelves – to minimize the potential for scratches. Even if you have your furniture on a rug, it’s still wise to have furniture pads. Sometimes extremely heavy items with an uneven weight distribution can put enough pressure on the rug – and subsequently the wood – to leave a permanent dent in the hardwood floor.

Trick three: Sweep, dust mop, and vacuum your hardwood floor on a weekly basis. Be aware, though, that a regular broom with stiff bristles has the potential to scratch. You should additionally attach the wand extension to your vacuum when sucking the dust off your premium Chicago hardwood floor. All our experts say dust mops are the safest and most efficient way to keep your hardwood floor spotless for ages.

Trick four: For particularly troublesome areas, such as the site of a spill or some tracked-in mud, we recommend employing a well-squeezed damp mop and specific cleaner intended for hardwood floors only. It’s also wise to mop monthly in order to take care of problem spots that might not be visible. The key here, though, is really wringing out the mop. Too much water could seep into the wood – and because mold begins growing within 48 hours of water damage, you could quickly find yourself with a much bigger problem than some spilt milk. Controlling water and drying spills as soon as possible are undeniably the most significant measures you can take to ensure the longevity and sustained pristine appearance of your hardwood floor in Chicago.

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