Swing Your Partner Doussie Do

I hope we at PurezaWood have made clear how committed we are to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to hardwood flooring. We research trends across the globe and then make them available here in and around Chicago. Doussie hardwood flooring is currently popular in Europe, but our goal is to make it a household species of Chicago hardwood flooring.

We don’t foresee doussie hardwood having any trouble taking off in these parts. It really has a lot going for it. The interlocked grain creates a feeling of stability and balance in your space, and the medium-to-coarse texture adds a touch of character and ensures that your floor is a unique work of art. The medium brown color deepens with age, giving you generations of sophisticated, luxurious Chicago hardwood flooring.

You can further add to the quality of your work of art by selecting doussie hardwood flooring in solid hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring, block wood, hand-scraped, wide-plank, and uni hardwood flooring.

Doussie wood comes from tropical Africa and Asia and will add a touch of exoticism to any Chicago home, apartment, or office building. The tree from which the hardwood originates also produces edible legumes, so if you feel a need to be environmentally friendly with your hardwood flooring solution, take comfort in the fact that doussie wood has already served a meaningful purpose.

Doussie wood, also known as afzelia, is extremely durable and rates an impressively strong 2103 on the Janka hardness scale. Furthermore, doussie hardwood resists warping with extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations, and it’s easily repairable – no matter the lifestyle you live, doussie will fit right in with it.

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