Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring: It’s What We Do

At PurezaWood, we understand that part of luxury hardwood flooring is being able to enjoy it knowing that it was manufactured in an eco-friendly way. We can’t speak for every Chicago hardwood flooring manufacturer, but we just wouldn’t feel right selling you hardwood that took advantage of Earth’s precious resources. We only harvest hardwood from woods where lumber laws are strict and well-enforced. This means PurezaWood doesn’t just go around cutting down trees willy-nilly. We harvest only from woods designated for lumber production, never from endangered or protected forests. Your luxury Chicago hardwood flooring is made from a sustainable resource at any given time. Many engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers use Russian oak as the center and bottom layers – it’s cheap, and it’s harvested using illegal logging practices that endanger the habitat of the last remaining Siberian tigers. PurezaWood wouldn’t dream of harming the environment or animal kingdom in any way, which is why we never use Russian oak in our luxury engineered hardwood flooring. We are FRC-certified. Some customers prefer that an impartial third-party evaluates our eco-friendly hardwood flooring to ensure that it complies with responsible forestry practices. That’s where the Forestry Stewardship Council comes in. They have certified PurezaWood luxury hardwood manufacturer as an eco-friendly factory with eco-friendly products. We make use of dead trees, too. Rubber trees are well-known for producing sap in the form of raw latex. It is less well-known, however, that rubber trees only produce latex for twenty-five to thirty-five years. Once these rubber trees have ceased production, PurezaWood mills them and puts them to use as eco-friendly hardwood flooring. We never use formaldehyde in our adhesives or coatings. Lumber Liquidators recently came under fire for harming both people and the ozone by using formaldehyde to install and seal their floors. PurezaWood luxury hardwood flooring, on the other hand, always comes to you unfinished. You can choose exactly how you want to treat your floor, but you can count on PurezaWood to make the most eco-friendly recommendations. We can repurpose old hardwood. In a more general sense, old hardwood flooring can easily be repurposed upon replacement. Once you’re done with carpet or laminate flooring, you pretty much have to throw it out and it goes in a landfill. Depending on the state of your Chicago hardwood flooring, you can re-use the planks of your eco-friendly hardwood flooring to build a coffee table or a shelf or any other DIY project you see on Pinterest or HGTV.   hardwood flooring

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