Hinoki: Basically Life-Resistant

Soundproofing your floor can take much effort and many dollars out of your pocket. Why not rely on hinoki hardwood flooring from PurezaWood to take care of the process in one step? The soundproofing process usually involves three layers – a thick acoustic mat, acoustic underlaying, and carpet on top of that. Which isn’t to mention all that has to be done (furring strip and tackless stripping) around the edges of the room! Hinoki wood is one of the most noise-absorbent Chicago hardwood flooring solutions.

Hinoki wood practically comes pre-treated. It is naturally one of the most noise-resistant, UV-resistant, and well-insulated hardwood species. Not everyone wants a carpeted home, but most people appreciate insulation from noise transfer. Hinoki hardwood flooring combines the comfort of insulated, soundproof flooring with the look of hardwood flooring – because it is hardwood flooring! With hinoki, you don’t have to trade style for lifestyle.

Resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is also a huge plus for hinoki. For most species, sun exposure results in either significant lightening or darkening, thus making rearranging furniture very difficult when you try to move something and notice that the sun has stained everywhere but the shadows. We still recommend treating hinoki – even though it bleaches in the sun less, it still discolors a bit. Naturally, hinoki is a light yellowish or pinkish brown, and you deserve a floor that remains in mint condition for years.

Because hinoki hardwood is so resistant to sound, sun, and decay, it is often used in the construction of temples, palaces, shrines, baths, and table-tennis blades in its native Japan – we want you to have palace-quality hardwood flooring in your own Chicago home.

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