8 Flexible Facts About Rubberwood Flooring

Rubberwood flooring is one of PurezaWood’s newest, yet fastest-growing species of Chicago hardwood. It’s durable, warp-resistant, and measures a lofty 890 on the Janka hardness scale. Here’s what you need to know in order to make a decision about rubberwood flooring:

  1. Before rubber trees are cut and milled for lumber, latex harvesters “tap” them, making small incisions along the bark (not deep enough to harm the tree’s growth) and collecting the sap. This milky sap is known as latex, which can be treated and turned into rubber. This process is known as “rubber tapping.”
  2. Many hardwood flooring experts tout rubberwood as the most ecologically friendly hardwood species. The trees stop producing latex after twenty-five to thirty years, at which point they are harvested and manufactured as flooring or furniture. Instead of cutting down perfectly good trees, hardwood flooring manufacturers only utilize rubber trees after they have served another useful purpose.
  3. Though initially native to the Amazon rainforest, in an effort to maintain a reputation of environmental consciousness, PurezaWood’s rubberwood comes from the jungles of Vietnam.
  4. Though durable for active lifestyles indoors, experts do not typically recommend rubberwood for outdoor use. Rubber wood is easily susceptible to insect and fungal infestations if left untreated, and rain can wash away the chemical sealants over time.
  5. For the reason mentioned in #4, rubberwood undergoes chemical treatment in boron preservatives immediately after being harvested in order to minimize potential for moisture damage, which can lead to fungal or insect attacks. It is then dried in a kiln to diffuse chemicals and limit moisture content.
  6. As far as appearance goes, rubberwood is blonde to light brown in color and has a tight grain that makes it simple to work with. It easily absorbs stains, thereby allowing you to add your own personal touch to your hardwood flooring.
  7. You can further customize rubberwood flooring by ordering it in solid hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring, block wood, hand-scraped hardwood, wide plank, or uni hardwood flooring.
  8. This rubberwood species of PurezaWood’s Chicago hardwood flooring perfectly complements any lifestyle.

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