8 Questions People Have About Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Acacia is one of Chicago’s up-and-coming hardwood flooring trends. As acacia hardwood flooring continues to climb in popularity, this type of wood also continues to answer every question that consumers might throw its way.

  1. What will it look like in my home? Acacia is known for its vibrant hues – from light brown to dark brown, it always seems to sparkle. It additionally exhibits a tight grain and knots, giving your floor lots of character and ensuring that no two acacia hardwood floors look exactly alike. With acacia, you’ll always get a unique work of art.
  2. How can I further customize my acacia hardwood flooring? PurezaWood offers acacia as solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring, hand-scraped, block flooring, wide plank hardwood, or uni hardwood. PurezaWood further offers a personal touch by committing to satisfy custom hardwood flooring requests.
  3. What is acacia’s backstory? PurezaWood’s acacia hardwood flooring goes from the jungles of Southeast Asia and the woods of Australia to PurezaWood manufacturers and then to you.
  4. Why would I choose acacia over other species of PurezaWood hardwood flooring? Acacia is one of the hardest hardwood flooring species in the world, making it complementary to the most active lifestyles. It measures an unbelievable, rock-like 1750 on the Janka hardness scale – acacia is the hardest hardwood species PurezaWood offers.
  5. What might be some downsides to acacia hardwood? While the knots in acacia hardwood flooring certainly add visual character to your floor, they also make it a bit temperamental to work with. The knots in the grain make it harder to employ consistency.
  6. How easy is the maintenance for acacia flooring? Compared to other hardwood species, acacia is one of the easiest types of hardwood flooring to maintain and preserve for generations of active lifestyles. Because acacia is so hard, it’s very difficult to scratch, thereby requiring less work for repairs. As far as cleanliness goes, occasional washing and polishing will keep your floor in pristine condition.
  7. For which part of my home is acacia best suited? Because of its durability and easy maintenance, acacia is the right choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. It also adds warmth to any living, dining, or bedroom. The ease with which it can be sealed additionally makes it water-resistant, and many people choose to install acacia hardwood flooring in their outdoor spaces as well.
  8. Can I go wrong with acacia hardwood flooring? No, not at all.

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