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Why We’re The Best Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer in Chicago

Here at PurezaWood, we try not to brag. But it’s time to get something out there that we’ve known to be true for quite some time now. We are the best hardwood flooring manufacturer in Chicago, and we can prove it! Here’s the evidence.

The Single Best Hardwood Flooring From Vietnam

One of the best kept secrets in the hardwood flooring industry is the fact that the best hardwood planks come from Vietnam, but who is the best flooring manufacturer in Vietnam? The quick answer: PurezaWood. Here’s why.

Hinoki: Basically Life-Resistant

Soundproofing your floor can take much effort and many dollars out of your pocket. Why not rely on hinoki hardwood flooring from PurezaWood to take care of the process in one step? The soundproofing process usually involves three layers – a thick acoustic mat, acoustic underlaying, and carpet on top of that.