Why We’re The Best Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer in Chicago

Here at PurezaWood, we try not to brag. But it’s time to get something out there that we’ve known to be true for quite some time now. We are the best hardwood flooring manufacturer in Chicago, and we can prove it! Here’s the evidence.

We import our wood from Vietnam

Vietnam is widely known for its high quality hardwood production. This has a lot to do with the Vietnamese government and its strict mandates on quality control, but it also has to do with the high quality lumber that grows in Vietnam. Regardless, not many Chicago hardwood flooring manufacturers (if any) sell world-renowned hardwood floors that are imported from Vietnam, but we do.

We are JAS certified

JAS certification was started in Japan, which actually has the largest market for hardwood flooring. For this reason, they’re very particular about the products they purchase. That’s why they came up with JAS certification, a process that involves a quality checking the hardwood and making sure it is up to Japanese agricultural standards before it hits the market.

We are members of the FSC

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is dedicated to the preservation of forests all over the world. They take into account the fact that paper and wood products are part of people’s daily lives and they focus on only sourcing these products from forests that can handle the loss. They also make sure to replace the trees that are used. We at PurezaWood firmly believe in this mission, which is why we are active members of the FSC.

We have an in-depth quality control process

As much as we trust JAS certification’s quality control, we have added on our own quality control process to that. This is because we are dedicated to offering our customers the best hardwood floors in Chicago. Our 5 step process helps us ensure that all of our products are the highest quality out there.

We have customizable hardwood flooring options

We don’t only offer our customers high quality, though. We also offer options. We know that no one wants floors that look like everyone else’s. People want the perfect hardwood flooring that fits their personal style. That’s why we offer customizable hardwood flooring, so that you can choose the exact right floor for your home or office.

So you see we’re the best hardwood flooring manufacturer for a number of reasons. But the most important reason of all is how much we value our customers. Whether you’re buying wood for a room in your home or you’re seeking containers of luxury hardwood flooring for a large-scale project, we will help you every step of the way. And that’s what really makes us the best.

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