Hardwood Flooring: Past and Present

For centuries, hardwood flooring has been a popular luxury flooring option, and it is just as popular today as evidenced by the flooring trends.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, hardwood flooring was extremely difficult to produce because it had to be cut, sanded and measured manually. This meant that it was an expensive flooring option that was only accessible to the wealthy.

Until the 17th century, hardwood flooring was roughly hewn and not considered a luxury item. However, the French popularized it in the 1600s, particularly among royalty.

This was also the time that parquet hardwood flooring became incredibly popular. The elite were clamoring for intricately designed parquet flooring to showcase their wealth and prestige.

The Industrial Revolution took place around the turn of the 20th century and streamlined the process of manufacturing hardwood flooring planks. In 1885, manufacturers developed the “side-matcher.”

The side-matcher is a flooring plank that has an indent on one side and a lip on the other, so that the planks can click together to make a smooth floor without gaps. This made the installation process a lot easier as well.

After World War I, hardwood became even more popular. With the recent innovations in hardwood flooring and the booming economy, people were clamoring for hardwood floors in their homes.

Hardwood flooring production slowed during World War II, but it picked right up where it left off after the war ended. The baby boom led to a building boom because veterans were looking for homes for their families.

This brought on a spike the hardwood flooring production even more so than during the 1920s. This spike continued for decades, until the recession in the 1980s, when hardwood flooring production reached a historic low.

Although hardwood flooring options were more varied and consumers could choose from any number of finishes, not many could afford new flooring at all. Not even the fairly recent engineered hardwood flooring was enough to keep people buying.

Ever since then, however, hardwood flooring’s popularity has been on a steady rise. More and more people are becoming aware of the wide variety of styles and colors in hardwood flooring, as well as its affordability and durability.

Buying in bulk or getting unfinished hardwood floors are other options that make hardwood flooring more affordable, which is why we offer these to our customers here at PurezaWood.

After centuries of humans perfecting the process, hardwood flooring has never been better. In terms of quality, affordability, and variety, it is the single best flooring option out there.

So take part in this hardwood flooring revolution and get your own customizable hardwood flooring from JAS certified PurezaWood.


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