Teak: the Gold Standard for Chicago Hardwood Flooring

A lot of qualities make teak one of PurezaWood’s finest Chicago hardwood flooring solutions. It’s hard to pick a single attribute to highlight, but if we had to, we’d say we love its bright gold color. Or maybe its unbeatable resistance to decay. Or maybe its exotic appeal. We could go on and on! Teak is seriously the whole package.

We can’t believe the brightness of teak hardwood. Flooring is usually manufactured from its heartwood, which starts off a golden brown and deepens as it ages. The grain is dark and prone to rings, which gives teak a touch of character and ensures that your hardwood flooring is a work of art unlike that of anyone else.

We also love how decay-resistant teak is. Research shows that, if treated well, teak hardwood flooring can last longer than any other wood flooring. It also measures in at a nearly rock-solid 1070 on the Janka hardness scale. Teak is so durable that it can literally blunt edged tools, and the oldest, biggest teak tree has survived in Vietnam for 1,500 years. This durability and resistance to decay makes teak a popular choice not only for floors, but also for cutting boards and boats.  

Teak tends to appeal to Chicago hardwood flooring clientele because of its exotic nature. Teak comes from southeast Asia, with Laos producing one-third of the world’s teak supply. Over the course of history, cultivators have tried growing teak in west Africa and the Caribbean, but southeast Asia remains the primary source for this top-quality hardwood.


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