European White Oak: a Way of Life

Oak flooring is the most popular choice for hardwood floors among American homes. Customers select oak for its renowned strength, supreme durability, natural beauty, and resistance to damage. Oak flooring comes in red and white varieties, but we at PurezaWood have a few reasons for recommending European white oak over many other options.

European White Oak is a Unique Wood Flooring Species

One quality that sets European white oak apart from its redder counterpart is its light color. White oak hardwood flooring can range in hue from a barely off-white sapwood to the tans and browns of oak heartwood. These soft, creamy colors brighten your space and give it a sense of calmness and serenity. Depending on how you accent it, European white oak can look either casual or elegantly refined – it’s sure to match the lifestyle and décor of any homeowner.

We also like European white oak for its tight, straight grain. Because white oak grows slowly, the tree’s inner rings are tightly spaced. This calm pattern allows for a smoother texture and longer, darker lines that supplement the air of sophistication surrounding white oak.

European white oak also distinguishes itself from other hardwood varieties in its reliable durability. Achieving a rating of 1360 on the hardwood hardness scale, white oak is in the upper echelon of strong hardwoods – harder, even, than red oak’s rating of 1290. We at PurezaWood recommend white oak hardwood flooring for high-traffic areas in your home, apartment, or office building: entryways, hallways, kitchens, etc. This high durability means your white oak floor is more likely to resist damage from dents, dings, and everyday wear and tear.

We additionally appreciate the local significance of white oak. The white oak has been Illinois’ state tree since 1907, and we’re proud to be able to share that heritage with you in the form of hardwood flooring. Of course, we don’t want to cut down the white oak trees that are so deeply engrained in our local history – which is part of the reason we import European white oak for PurezaWood hardwood flooring.

European white oak is one of the most timeless flooring varieties thanks to its remarkable beauty and reliable durability. White oak isn’t just a flooring option, it’s a way of life. Bring a touch of class, a touch of brightness, and a touch of Illinois heritage to your Chicago home today with PurezaWood’s European White Oak flooring.

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