Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

A lot of PurezaWood’s customers, both small scale and wholesale have questions about hardwood floor maintenance. They get worried when they have luxurious hardwood floors from PurezaWood because they don’t want to mar their natural beauty be not maintaining them properly. Never fear, though! We came up with these hardwood floor maintenance tips so that you can rest easy and keep your PurezaWood floors looking beautiful for decades!


First of all, make sure to sweep or vacuum regularly. This will prevent dirt from building up and turning into gritty residue that can scratch or mar your floor. This most important in areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic.

Use Furniture Gliders

Using gliders is an essential part of hardwood floor maintenance, since it prevents furniture legs from scratching your floor’s surface. The alternative to this would be throwing down an area rug as a buffer between your floors and your furniture.

Trim Pets’ Nails

If you have pets, make sure to keep their nails trimmed and neat. Hardwood floor maintenance is impossible if  Fido is running around scratching it up all the time! So give him a much-needed pedicure to protect your floor.

Check Humidity

In cold seasons, use a humidifier to keep your floor from drying up. Dramatic changes in moisture levels can cause your hardwood floors to crack or cup. But if you have PurezaWood’s engineered hardwood flooring, moisture won’t affect it much at all, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Wipe Spills

As soon as anything spills on your hardwood floor, wipe it up. Excess moisture can do as much damage to your floors as lack of moisture. Avoid this altogether, by keeping your floors clean and dry.

Combine these hardwood floor maintenance tips with a beautiful, customized PurezaWood planks and you’ve got a floor to last you a lifetime, if not longer!

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