How Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Can Transform Your Home

Hand scraped hardwood flooring is all the rage lately and we can see why. They’re truly beautiful specimen that can add character and style to any room, whether it’s in your home or office. They have a certain flair to them that no other hardwood flooring can compare to. Don’t believe us? Here’s how hand scraped hardwood flooring can transform your home.

PurezaWood’s luxurious hardwood flooring can always add character and beauty to your home, but there’s something about hand scraped hardwood flooring that far surpasses other types. PurezaWood makes its hand scraped flooring in a JAS certified hardwood flooring factory in Vietnam.

Each plank is made with high quality wood from Vietnam. First the trees are collected from FSC certified forests, then they are carefully cut into planks, after which they are scraped by hand, to create the natural varied grains that are characteristic of hand scraped hardwood flooring.

The most popular way to style hand scraped hardwood flooring is to take the rustic approach. Because the flooring has so many natural grains to it, it has a lot of character and makes it look older and more unique. For this reason, many people go the route of styling a room with this flooring type like it’s a cabin or beach house.

They tend to use dark forest-y colors like hunter’s green or burgundy, adding to the overall cozy look and feel of hand scraped hardwood flooring. Interior designers also often take the approach of styling the room with more neutral colors. They’ll go for beige or white in order to showcase this unique floor and we can’t blame them! The hand scraped hardwood flooring from PurezaWood is a veritable show stopper when it comes to interior design.

See for yourself how our hand scraped hardwood flooring can transform your home by ordering your next container of it from us at JAS certified PurezaWood. We have luxury solid and engineered hardwood flooring available in bulk in a number of different species, including our famous white oak flooring!

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