Tips for Styling a Room with Hardwood Floors

Whether you’re an interior designer or are simply remodeling an area of your home, styling a new room can be daunting. However, if that room has new PurezaWood floors, you’re already ahead of the game! All you need now is a few easy tips for styling a room with hardwood floors and you’re go to go. See our list below!

Use an Area Rug

Some people find that hardwood flooring, though beautiful, isn’t very inviting. And even though we believe our gorgeous wide plank white oak flooring deserves to be showcased, we do have a solution for you. You can soften a hardwood floor’s look by adding a large area rug. They work best when placed under furniture rather than in areas where there’s high foot traffic, because they stay clean and last longer. Plus they don’t detract as much from the beauty of your hardwood floors when they’re tucked under furniture.

Match the Baseboard to the Trim

You don’t have to match the baseboard and trim to your floor as long as they match each other. This allows the floor to stand out a little more and saves you the headache of trying to find trim that matches your hardwood flooring.

Opt for Classic Furniture

You may want to go for more daring, modern furniture when you style your home, but we advise against this. Though hardwood flooring will always be in style, certain furniture pieces will not. And we’re pretty sure you don’t want to have to replace your trendy furniture when it becomes tacky in a few years. So stick to classic pieces.

Choose the Right Window Treatment

The right window treatment can really pull a room together. We recommend seeking out lots of natural light and avoiding anything too flashy. Draw the eye into the home instead of without. There are lots of options, whether you prefer dramatic drapery or something light and airy. Just pick what flows best with your floor.

Work with Your Floor’s Color

If you have dark hardwood flooring, don’t go too crazy with the dark decor and vice versa for light flooring. The key to interior design is balance. Adding a small pop of color such as in throw pillows or area rugs can enhance this effect.

We hope these tips for styling a room with hardwood floors helped you out. Either way though, if you have PurezaWood flooring in your home, you already have something beautiful. So order your customized hardwood floor from us today!

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