Your “Locally Sourced” Hardwood Floor May Actually Be from China

At PurezaWood, we believe in honesty and integrity. That’s why we were appalled to discover that many hardwood flooring companies claim to have locally sourced wood when they actually have it shipped in from China illegally. Here’s what we found out about it.

With the arrival of lumber liquidators onto the flooring market several years ago, a kind of crisis emerged. These floors they were selling were much cheaper than real hardwood flooring and they looked about the same.

They flew off the shelves in contrast to their authentic hardwood counterpart and people felt they were getting a great deal. Keep in mind, this was before it became clear that the formaldehyde used in laminate flooring is incredibly dangerous for your health.

So in order to compete, hardwood flooring manufacturers that used to get locally sourced hardwood, began buying cheap wood that was stolen from China and smuggled to North America illegally. This cut costs and helped them compete.

PurezaWood, however, does not condone that kind of behavior. We pride ourselves in our JAS certified hardwood that is sourced from and manufactured in Vietnam, which is known for its high quality hardwood. We would never cut corners just to cut costs.

That’s also why we never use dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde in our products. So you can be sure when you buy wholesale hardwood flooring from PurezaWood, you’re getting ethically sourced products from a reputable company. Order a customizable container of luxury hardwood flooring from us today to see how integrity pays off!

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