How Summer Humidity Affects Hardwood Floors

Whether you live in Chicago, like our satellite office, or near our factory in Vietnam, or somewhere else in the wide world, you’ll probably experience humid weather at some point during the year. If you do, you should know that humidity can affect the health and appearance of your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors come from trees, which are plants. Plants are naturally porous so that they can absorb moisture and use it to nourish themselves and grow. So what does this mean for your hardwood floors? Well the planks can expand or retract as a result. In winter, floors typically retract, and can even cause gaps between the planks. But in the summertime, humidity causes the floors to expand which can cause cupping or bubbles in the floor’s surface. That’s why engineered hardwood flooring was invented. It was created to combat these issues and keep your floor looking smooth and sleek, year-round. Engineered flooring like PurezaWood’s 7 layer or 9 layer engineered planks resist moisture and retain their original appearance, regardless of winter cold or summer humidity. Our engineered hardwood flooring is made with varying layers of premium plywood and topped with a high quality flooring type of your choice. Our floors are customizable and available for wholesale purchase as well. If you can’t afford to completely replace the solid hardwood flooring you currently have, though, we recommend using a dehumidifier in the summer. You should also air out your home frequently to reduce the likelihood of moisture settling into your floors. If you are considering investing in some high quality engineered hardwood flooring though, make sure you purchase from JAS certified PurezaWood. Our factory in Vietnam manufactures only the best, most luxurious hardwood flooring. Plus all of our hardwood floors are customizable and available in bulk containers. Contact us today to learn more!

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