What’s So Special About Hand Scraped Hardwood

We pride ourselves in our good taste here at PurezaWood, which is why we’re so happy to be able to offer hand scraped hardwood flooring to our customers. It’s one of our more popular flooring options, and for good reason! Whether you buy it in bulk or for small scale projects, it may be just the flooring type for you. Read on to find out what’s so special about hand scraped hardwood flooring.

Hand scraped hardwood is exactly what it sounds like. During the process when flooring planks are sanded down to make them smooth, most companies use machines. With hand scraped flooring however, people use hand tools to smooth out the planks, giving them a very distinct look.

The beauty of hand scraped hardwood flooring planks is that each one is unique. They retain their natural grain and appearance, which means no two planks are alike. This is great because it reflects the fact that each of our customers is unique.

Some prefer engineered hardwood, while others prefer solid. Some opt for our gorgeous white oak hardwood flooring planks, while still other opt for our rich maple hardwood. Preference varies when it comes to the width as well. Uni hardwood isn’t for everyone, which is why many people opt for our signature wide plank hardwood flooring.

Whatever your preference in regards to these different customizations, though., hand scraped hardwood will always be unique. Plus it offers a warm, homey look to whatever room it’s in. Some people enhance this by decorating with rustic style furniture. Others highlight the floor’s individuality by keeping the decor sparse and modern. The possibilities are endless!

It’s pretty clear to us (and to interior designers) what’s so special about hand scraped hardwood. We know you’ll be charmed by this unique flooring type yourself once you install it in your home or office!

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