Is Engineered Hardwood Better Than Solid Hardwood?

It’s a question we get from clients all the time: is engineered hardwood better than solid hardwood? Quite frankly, each have their own benefits and drawbacks. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong choice, but rather whether or not it’s the right or wrong fit for your home. As with hardwood, homes vary is size, shape, and color. Not to mention that each home or hardwood needs to fit each person’s wants and likes. Without a good in-depth background, it can be difficult to decide if engineered hardwood better than solid hardwood. At PurezaWood, we take it as a personal mission to ensure that every potential buyer is making informed decisions before a purchase. It would be unwise for anyone to buy a product without doing some research on it beforehand. This is why we created a list of reasons for and against both hardwoods.

Is Engineered Hardwood better than Solid Hardwood? We leave it up to you

What’s the difference?

Solid hardwood is fairly straightforward. It literally is a made from solid wood that is constructed from one piece of hardwood. Each piece is about ¾ of an inch thick, giving you plenty of ability to refinish and change the look depending on how your interior design changes. Engineered hardwood is a little more complex, often being more resilient. The engineered hardwood at PurezaWood consists of multiple layers of wood instead of just a single hardwood. We use our premium quality hardwood along with the durable premium plywood. This gives you a hardwood that is more water and heat resistant as well as more flexible.


Where you install your hardwood is a vital question that each potential client should be asking themselves. When it comes to choosing a type of hardwood, this is where you need to be careful. With solid hardwood it tends to expand and/or contract with moisture or heat, causing it to be a bad choice for spaces like basements. Conversely, engineered hardwood is constructed in such a way that it is less prone to buckling or bending in hot and humid temperatures. Thus, engineered hardwood is better than solid hardwood when it comes to it’s ability to install anywhere in the house.


As with most decisions when buying a product, the cost usually has the most influence on people’s decision. Everyone wants to make a purchase that is cost effective yet also maintains a high quality. At PurezaWood, our affordability and quality are two aspects we aim to provide the best in Chicago.  Generally, engineered hardwood is more costly due to the added labor necessary to manufacture it. Since it contains more than one type of wood, there is more time spent working on the product. With solid hardwood, there is less manual labor needed and therefore less cost to worry about. No matter what type of hardwood you go about choosing, make sure to go with PurezaWood for outstanding quality at an unmatched price!

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