Helpful Hints: Tips For Cleaning Hardwood

After you’ve purchased your hardwood floors from PurezaWood, you’ll need to keep those floors looking nice and new. We encourage our clients to take good care of their hardwood floors, otherwise they’ll see a deterioration faster than they would like. If you follow our tips for cleaning hardwood, there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about getting new floors for a very long time. 

Here are some tips for cleaning hardwood


If you truly care about the way that your hardwood floors look, you should seriously consider vacuuming your floors once a day. While it seems tedious, this simple task is one of the best ways to ensure pristine hardwood floors. The reason being that underfoot, or the fine grit that acts as sandpaper will slowly erode your hardwood. If not daily, this tip for cleaning hardwood should be implemented weekly.

Research Wax and Restorers

While it’s okay to for a wax finish to use wax as a way to rejuvenate your hardwood, you must be careful with restorers such as shellac, varnishes and other substances. You must do your research on the type of restorer that you use and also have a solid awareness of the type of finish you choose.

Having those two match up is a crucial part of polishing your floors. Without the proper knowledge you can end up doing more damage to your hardwood floors than good. With that said, we do encourage you to polish your floors every few months, depending on the type of finish that you went with. This keeps your finish vigilant in its effort to protect your hardwood floors.

Keep Dry and Water Away

While some tips for cleaning hardwood might be less known, this one is fairly obvious yet bares repeating. Keep your hardwood floors dry and away from water at all costs. Even though the finish that you put on your hardwood will help combat water, it will only do so for a short period of time. After that, the water will seep into the wood and start to warp and damage it.

If you do spill water on your floors, make sure you wipe up the spill immediately, so as to prevent any damage from occurring. We know that accidents are bound to happen, but how you deal with them and how quickly you deal with those accidents determines the longevity of your hardwood.

Protect With Area Rugs

While one of our main tips for cleaning hardwood is to not wear shoes when walking on it, we understand this can be difficult. That’s why we encourage our clients to invest in a good area rug in parts of your house that are the most walked on. This will prevent the normal wear and tear from constant walking over.

Another must have is a doormat. Without a doormat, your hardwood floors are more susceptible to moisture and dirt. With nowhere wipe your shoes off, you’re inviting more damage to your floors than necessary. We highly suggest getting a long doormat so that guests and residents can at the very least clean some of the outside dirt and moisture away.

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