Top 6 Reasons to Buy Hardwood Floors

At PurezaWood, we constantly tell our clients about the benefits of buying hardwood floors. Whether it’s for one room or an entire house, having hardwood floors is an essential part of a good looking home. We decided to come up with a list of reasons you should buy hardwood floors. While not all earth shattering, they still are things to think about. 

Here are the top reasons to buy hardwood floors


For starters, hardwood floors look incredible. No matter what color finish you decide to go with, if buy hardwood floors it was always make the home look more beautiful. Especially if you choose to go with our engineered hardwood, you’ll be giving your home more versatility and better looking interior decor.

Increases Home Value

When comparing hardwood floors to carpet, the value of hardwood floors is exponentially higher. If you plan or selling your home in the future, you should definitely want to buy hardwood floors. The longevity that they have is far greater than carpet floors.

When contractors come into a home, hardwood floors are considered an extra cost. This is exactly the same with an appraiser coming in to determine the value of a house. If they see hardwood floors installed, they add that in account when calculating the price.

Durable/Easy Maintenance

Unlike carpets, if you drop or spill something on the hardwood, it doesn’t stay there forever. When liquids like wine are spilt onto carpet, it becomes nearly impossible to get rid of the stain. Conversely, hardwood floors are way easier to maintain cleanliness when spilling or dropping things onto the surface.

Along with easy maintenance, hardwood floors are extremely durable. If properly cleaned and maintained, hardwood floors can last for as long as you own the house. Especially our engineered hardwood, which has been specifically crafted to withstand the normal wear and tear of foot traffic and accidents.


At PurezaWood, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer custom stained hardwood. So when you buy hardwood floors, we can do almost any color variation that you would like. This adds an element of flexibility for how you would like you interior design to be decorated. Instead of decorating your home around the hardwood, you have the option to stain the hardwood based on your interior design.

Can Be Refinished

With carpets, if they get old and you get tired of the look, you have to completely remove the carpet, buy new carpet, and then have it reinstalled. With hardwood floors, if you decide you want a different look, simply have the floors refinished.

This refinishing process is easy and can be done within a few hours. After it’s complete, you have entirely new looking hardwood floors without the need of installation.

Allergy Free

With carpets, you have the constant worry about allergens being trapped inside. This can be brutal for those people who suffer from serious allergies. When you buy hardwood floors, this no longer becomes an issue. If you see dust starting to collect on your floors, simply mop or sweep them and the problem is eliminated.

No matter why you think you should buy hardwood floors, make sure to buy them at PurezaWood. We ensure each client is receiving an extremely high quality hardwood at a fair price.

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