The Difference Between PurezaWood and Our Competitors

When it comes to quality and overall durability of hardwood, PurezaWood is unmatched. Don’t just take our word for it. We can actually prove to you why we are far superior to the rest of the market. Once you see the difference between PurezaWood and our competitors, you’ll have a hard time choosing any other type of hardwood.As you can see in the picture above, PurezaWood goes the extra mile to ensure we are providing our clients with the best and longest lasting hardwood in the market. In order for us to sell our standard of hardwood, we have to remain steadfast in our practices and never succumb to mediocrity.

Here’s the difference between PurezaWood and our Competitors


While the difference between PurezaWood and our competitors can be visibly seen, we figured we should list it out as well. The hardwood shown in the image above is our engineered hardwood. Our engineered hardwood is specifically made for dimensional stability.This means that through our cutting edge flooring technology, we’ve created a hardwood that is less prone to warping and cracking while maintaining durability for a longer period of time. Another advantage that our engineered hardwood has on the competition is the amount of layers used. Not only do we use premium plywood, the highest quality for plywood, but we use 9 layers of it. This gives much more stability and flexibility when dealing with unfavorable conditions.The main difference between PurezaWood and our competitors is the ability to refinish our hardwood. When looking at the image, you will notice how our engineered hardwood has 3 layers. Because of this, clients have the ability to refinish their hardwood at least 5 times. So if you decide you want to change the color stain of your hardwood, you can do that 5 times or more.


Conversely, when you look at the competitors hardwood, the lack of quality is glaringly obvious. For starters, the plywood they use is of extremely low quality. On top of that, they only use 2-4 layers of plywood. That means PurezaWood’s hardwood uses 5 more layers of plywood, with higher quality, at the bare minimum.Another huge difference between PurezaWood and our competitors is the reassurance of proper standards. Unlike PurezaWood, there have been instances in the past of our competitors selling hardwood that contained formaldehyde. This is an extremely dangerous and inexcusable lack of awareness. Putting clients at risk with such a toxic chemical compound is something we would never allow.Along with the lack of plywood layers, our competitors offer such a thin layer of actual hardwood. This means that you won’t be able to refinish your hardwood even if you wanted to. The result of that is you would need to completely purchase all new hardwood. Then you would need to remove the old hardwood and install the newly purchased flooring.As you can see and hopefully we’ve made it clear, the difference between PurezaWood and our competitors is night and day. We always want our clients to see what they’re getting and know exactly what kind of quality they’re paying for. So if you find yourself in need of high class hardwood, call us today!

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