Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring Durable?

Is engineered hardwood flooring durable? Before choosing it as your flooring, you need to know if you can trust it. We review why this is in fact the most durable of flooring options.

Engineered for perfection

One of the largest benefits of engineered hardwood flooring is that it’s engineered for perfection. It’s designed specifically not to have the problems that other flooring types do. Because of this, engineered hardwood flooring is more durable than other flooring types. Engineered hardwood is especially engineered to prevent the issues solid hardwood has. So if you had your heart set on solid hardwood flooring but aren’t a fan of its potential problems, engineered flooring is the perfect solution.

Core layer to resist movement

Throughout the year, the temperature and humidity levels change. This means that flooring can expand and contract as these changes occur, which could make flooring shift. Because engineered flooring doesn’t expand and contract as much as solid hardwood, it has a lower risk of damage due to weather changes. Thanks to its engineering, this flooring type is less susceptible to damage due to movement.

Premium engineered hardwood flooring brands will use pieces of premium plywood layered in opposite directions in their core. This means the core will absorb the impact of the floor trying to expand and contract, keeping it tightly in place without movement.

Top layer for refinishing

The top layer of engineered flooring is created by using a piece of solid hardwood, which means you can refinish it. If you use a high-quality engineered flooring brand, you can refinish this top layer as much as solid hardwood. With traditional solid hardwood flooring, you can only refinish your floors a certain amount of times before you reach the grooves that hold the floors in place. With engineered hardwood flooring, because you have a solid top layer, you can do the same.

Real wood

And because it uses the real wood for the top layer, this flooring won’t peel like vinyl or laminate will. This also means you’ll get beautiful hardwood flooring without its problems. And because you’re still getting real wood, your flooring will be beautiful for many years to come.

Where to find durable engineered hardwood flooring

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