Why We Have the Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you’re putting engineered hardwood flooring in your home, you want to put the best engineered hardwood flooring in your home. We know we have the best quality flooring at our incredible price point and maintain strict quality standards throughout the entire floor, not just the top layer. But it’s not just enough to say our flooring is the best–we want to explain why.

Direct pricing

At PurezaWood, you don’t have to deal with pricing markups. Most flooring companies add price increases at every step of distribution (from the manufacturer to the brand, from the brand to the distributor, and from the distributor to you). However, we own our own factory, which means it goes directly from us to you. No markups. Just fair pricing for your flooring.

Quality control

Direct pricing isn’t the only perk of owning our own factory. It also means we can perform quality checks at every stage of production. This way, we can promise each plank of wood that leaves our factory lives up to our strict quality standards.

Best materials

Picture shows the differences between PurezaWood wide plank hardwood flooring and other "luxury" kinds

Of course, creating the best engineered hardwood flooring requires the best materials. For us, this means every single piece of our flooring is made with the highest quality materials. The wood is genuine French Oak, which is durable and beautiful. The core layer features premium plywood–each piece checked to ensure there are no imperfections. Premium plywood is the strongest plywood available and creates a core that resists movement. You can learn more about how crucial this plywood is here. Plus, we use Weather and Boil Proof glue to hold it all together. This special glue creates a strong, humidity-resistant seal between each layer of plywood and the French Oak.

Each material is chosen for its durability and quality. And when we put them all together, you get flooring that’s resilient and strong–but doesn’t sacrifice any beauty.

Custom made

So, all of these features are amazing, but the real cherry on top? All of our flooring is custom made. This means you can choose every single aspect of your flooring. Choose how wide you want it, how thick you want it, and what color you want it to be. And if we don’t offer your dream color, don’t worry! We’ll work with you to create a custom color you’ll love. Learn more about all of our customizable features here.

Get the best engineered hardwood flooring at PurezaWood

Our flooring is specifically engineered to provide the maximum stability and durability in your home. Thanks to our high quality materials and strict quality control, your flooring will be impeccable. Because of our direct pricing, you won’t pay outrageous markups like other flooring companies. And because all our flooring is custom, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want for your home. For premium flooring without the premium prices, PurezaWood has what you need.

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