The Biggest Engineered Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular, and homeowners have been choosing it over solid hardwood flooring for a few years now. But why is this trend sticking around? What is it about engineered hardwood flooring that is making it such a desirable choice? Learn about some of the top engineered hardwood flooring advantages and how it could benefit your home.

Looks just like real wood

Because it is! Many engineered hardwood flooring companies use real solid hardwood for the wear layer of their flooring. This means you get a piece of real, solid, hardwood flooring on top of the core layer in engineered flooring. In traditional solid hardwood flooring, you can only refinish your flooring a set amount of times before you hit the grooves holding the flooring in place. In engineered hardwood flooring, it’s the same way: you can refinish the wear layer until you reach the core. Because of this, you can refinish your floors as many times as solid hardwood flooring.

Very durable

Solid hardwood flooring is made by manufacturing a single piece of wood into a plank. However, engineered hardwood flooring has a much more intricate manufacturing process. First, multiple layers of plywood are layered over each other, held together with glue. For high quality companies, this means premium plywood and Weather & Boil Proof glue. These layers create a strong foundation for your floors, which are then completed by adding a solid piece of wood on top as a wear layer. This engineering process means your floors will be more durable than traditional solid hardwood flooring. They’re truly engineered to be better.

Less movement

Engineered hardwood flooring typically reacts less to changes in temperature and humidity than solid hardwood, which means it has less movement. Because your engineered flooring won’t expand and contract as much as solid hardwood, this also means it has a lower risk of damage due to weather changes. If you’re looking for flooring that will stay locked in place and is less susceptible to damage, engineered is the way to go.

Better wide planks

Because engineered hardwood flooring is engineered for stability and durability, you can have wider planks with fewer problems. In solid hardwood flooring, you can only go so wide before you risk serious damage. Fortunately, engineered flooring solves this problem! Now you can have wide plank flooring up to 12″ wide, and it will be less likely to crack. And because wide plank flooring is a design choice that’s here to stay, you’ll want wide plank floors that will hold up well year after year.

None of the solid hardwood problems

As you can see, one of the biggest engineered hardwood flooring advantages is that it doesn’t have the problems of solid hardwood flooring. And yet, you’re still getting a real wood floor for your home! This is the perfect solution for someone who wants real hardwood flooring but doesn’t want to worry about the problems solid hardwood flooring can cause, such as getting damaged more easily, sensitivity to temperature and humidity changes, and more. Because engineered hardwood is specifically designed to eliminate these problems, you can rest easy knowing the longevity of your home’s flooring is secure.


Many engineered flooring brands are customizable. This means you can choose various aspects of your flooring. From the visible details such as your flooring’s character grading or finish color to the invisible–but just as important details–such as wear layer thickness. You can also customize how wide you want your flooring, and enjoy your wide planks. Now, you can enjoy flooring that looks exactly how you want it to. Whether you want blue floors or brown, engineered hardwood flooring can deliver.

Find high-quality engineered hardwood flooring

Of course, like any other product, there will be high and low quality engineered hardwood flooring products. They key to unlocking all of the engineered hardwood flooring advantages is buying high-quality. High quality engineered flooring will last you a long time, and look beautiful for all those years. PurezaWood engineered hardwood flooring is always custom, always made with the best materials, and always looks beautiful in your home. Learn more by contacting us.

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