Why Wide Plank Flooring is Best

Wide plank flooring has become the most popular option for flooring and it’s easy to see why. This beautiful, wide flooring adds many advantages to your home. We’ll break down why wide plank flooring is best so you can make an informed decision for your own home.

What is wide plank flooring?

Flooring wider than 2 1/2″-4″ is generally considered wide plank. You can choose how wide you want your wide planks, as most companies will offer flooring from 4″-10″, some even going as wide as 12″.

Making rooms look larger

Often, narrow planks of flooring can make rooms look more crowded. When you look across a room and see many thin planks of wood with multiple seams in between them, rooms can look smaller than they actually are. However, wide planks create the opposite effect. These wider planks create the illusion of opening up rooms, and if you have a few smaller rooms, wide plank flooring is the best way to make them look large.

Showing wood grain better

Because these floorboards are wider, they show more of the natural wood grain. This gives your floors a more natural look, showcasing the fact that they’re real wood. With wide planks, you can choose if you want your floors to show natural characteristics of wood grain (such as knots and imperfections) or if you want them to look sleek without any characteristics. Either way, the wide planks will show off your choice in the best way.

Adding resale value

No matter when you’re building, you’re making choices that will work for you now, and for whoever potentially owns your home next. Thanks to wide planks making rooms look larger, they are a key factor in increasing resale value. Especially if your home has some smaller rooms, this flooring will give these rooms the appearance of being larger than they are. Plus, wide plank flooring is the most popular option for homebuilders, and buyers will love a home where the flooring is already what they desire. Buyers being able to refinish flooring instead of replace thin boards creates a lot of resale value for your home.

Timeless appeal

As we’ve seen in the past several years, wide plank flooring is here to stay. So when you add this flooring to your home, you’re creating a timeless look that’s here to stay. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for 10 years or 20+, when you go to sell, people will appreciate the crisp and timeless look of the wide planks. And, if you want to stay on trend, you can always refinish your flooring to a more popular color–instead of having to tear out thin floorboards and replace them with the more popular wide boards.

Looking for wide plank flooring?

PurezaWood has everything you need! Our flooring is always custom, which means you can choose just how wide your wide planks are. You can also choose your finish, thickness, and more! And because we only use the best materials available, we can guarantee your floors will be durable and long-lasting, all while looking beautiful. Contact us to visit our showroom or learn more about our engineered hardwood flooring.

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