How we Make Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Wondering how we make engineered hardwood flooring that’s a cut above the rest? Well, the key is using the best materials at every step of the way. We use only the best, high quality materials that we know will last our customers for years to come. And we never cut any corners–in fact, because we own our own factory, we can implement extra quality checks to guarantee our floors live up to our own high standards. Learn more about how the materials we use create the high-quality engineered flooring you’ll love.

Wear Layer

We always use genuine French Oak for our wear layer since it’s the most durable and beautiful option. This is because it has naturally high tannins which absorb and show the finish color better than any other wood. Plus, French Oak has beautiful woodgrain patterns, which display beautifully in wide planks.

And, because we use pieces of solid hardwood for our wear layer, you can refinish our engineered flooring as much as you could solid hardwood flooring. We have several different options for thickness, so you can choose whichever fits your home best.

Core layer

Our core layer is composed of only the best materials. While other companies use sawdust or other inferior wood for their core layers, we make our engineered hardwood flooring with premium plywood. And, we take this a step further by only using premium solid veneers. These pieces of plywood are strong, high quality, and have minimal defects, which makes the wood durable. We use select solid veneers to prevent any gaps or air pockets in our core later and ensure a strong, airtight seal between plywood and glue.

And of course, we only use the best glue to hold it all together. Our glue is Weather and Boil Proof (WBP) glue, which is the highest standard for glues. In order for a glue to become certified WBP, it endures rigorous testing. It’s applied to plywood layers, which are then submerged in boiling water for 24-72 hours. If the plywood layers don’t split apart during that test, the glue can be labeled WBP.

So, when flooring uses WBP glue as an adhesive, the plywood (and the flooring itself!) will be more resistant to humidity damage. Because of this, we use exclusively WBP glue so we can guarantee the most resilient flooring possible. We make engineered hardwood flooring that’s made to last, and a crucial part of that is making sure our core is high-quality.

The best finishes

Of course, you want your floors to look beautiful as well. This means we do everything we can to prevent scratches from harming your flooring after you install it. We use 7 layers of finish on our flooring to create a durable, long-lasting finish. And because your flooring is finished seven times to make it look perfect, it will also be more resistant to daily wear and tear. But, even though our finishes are strong and durable, they won’t prevent you from refinishing your flooring in the future if you choose.

Plus, we only use finishes that aren’t harmful to the environment or your health, which is why all of our finishes are VOC 2010 compliant. Think about it: you’ll be around these floors every day. Why would you want something in your home that could have negative effects on your health? And since we own our own factory, we can guarantee we’ll always use these finishes.

Always custom

One major advantage to PurezaWood premium engineered hardwood flooring is that all of our floors are custom-made. This means that whatever you want for your floors, we can create it. We know everyone has different tastes and styles, so we have created a flooring model where you get to choose your floor’s wear layer, color, grading, width, length, and more. Choose every single aspect of your flooring so that it’s exactly what you envisioned for your dream home. And, because we custom-make every order, you can order as much or as little as you need.

We make engineered hardwood flooring high-quality so you can have the best

Our goal is always to produce the best engineered hardwood flooring at our price point. We know this starts with attention to detail at every single step of the production process. So we dedicated ourselves to building an engineered hardwood floor that’s durable, resilient, beautiful, and better than solid hardwood. Thanks to our attention to detail and commitment to using only the best materials, we’re able to provide our customers with floors they’ll love for many years.

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