Why Wait for an Engineered Hardwood Flooring Sale?

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a building project and need to put in wood flooring. You already decided on engineered hardwood flooring because you know it’s the most durable and reliable. But it’s expensive and you don’t want to go over budget. You think your only option is to wait for a sale. But it’s not! Why wait for an engineered hardwood flooring sale when you can get a great deal on flooring year-round when you buy direct from the manufacturer?

Buy direct from the manufacturer

When you buy your hardwood flooring direct, you avoid paying any markups. Typically, a manufacturer will buy flooring from the factory, then the business will buy it from the manufacturer, and finally you buy it from the business. And at each transaction, the price gets increased. But because PurezaWood is both the manufacturer and owner of the factory, you get a much better price. This saves you money without sacrificing quality.

There are other perks too!

Besides getting a great price on your flooring, buying direct from PurezaWood also means you get full control over your floors! Choose every aspect of your flooring, from width to wear layer to length to color, and create a floor that perfectly completes your home. And in addition to complete customization, we can ship to anywhere in the world, so you can get excellent engineered hardwood flooring wherever you are!

The best engineered hardwood flooring for sale

And when you’re looking to buy your engineered hardwood, you’ll want to get great quality for your price. There’s no point in saving money on your flooring if it isn’t durable–you’ll end up spending more money to replace it in just a couple years. Instead, choose flooring that’s both high-quality and cost-effective. At PurezaWood, you’ll get both! Our floors are specially engineered to be beautiful and more durable than competing brands. You can read more about what makes PurezaWood the best here.

Don’t wait around for an engineered hardwood flooring sale!

Don’t wait for an engineered hardwood flooring sale that might never come when you can great prices on completely customizable flooring whenever you order from PurezaWood! Contact us here with any questions or to schedule an appointment for our Chicago showroom. View our past projects here.